Squirrly SEODevelopers – Developers Kit

Web Developer Kits – by Squirrly

More Leads for Your Agency – Fully Automated

Present more opportunities for website enhancement to your customers, without lifting a finger. They will have a quick “Schedule a Call” button that they can use to contact you for more services.

This way, you’ll be making more money from existing customers, you’ll develop your relationship, and you’ll be getting these leads in a fully automated way.

Your Branding. Your Way.

In your web dev kit admin dashboard, you’ll be able to remove the Ads from the Squirrly SEO Plugin.
Cool stuff: you’ll even be able to ensure that Squirrly SEO doesn’t send them emails about anything.
You’ll have maximum control over who you sent your branded Audits to.
Even the name of the plugin will be co-branded with the name of your web development company.

Eg: Easy IT Guy’s Special Squirrly SEO.

More Benefits for Your Customers.

Your customers will love all the added benefits that you provide to them, thus gaining you more customer loyalty over time.

The FREE Version you’ll be installing them with the Web Dev Kit costs $0.00 USD, yet gives them some pretty great upgrades that are only available to PRO, like: Unlimited number of Content Optimizations with the SEO Live Assistant.

You Have Full Control Over WordPress SEO Settings for All Your Clients.

You’ll be able to use the Web Dev Kit admin dashboard to customize even the SEO Settings you’ll have installed by default on your clients’ sites through the .zip files of Squirrly SEO.

What Happens if Your Customers Decide They’re Ready to Work More on their SEO and need more advanced Subscription Plans?


You can upgrade your Agency’s versions of Squirrly SEO from the Web Dev Kit plan to the Agency plan, which will give your customers even more benefits.


You can let them create a new account in Squirrly SEO for themselves, thus quitting the zip install you’ve made for them through the developer kit.


Same as above, but you’ll be earning 45% of the payments they make to Squirrly SEO during their first 3 months with us.
You decide how you want to handle this.

Squirrly will support your decision and help you set anyone of these up.