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Introducing the Web Developer Kits

Boost your customers’ SEO rankings and earn more money through development contracts.

Generate more leads for your business and expand the services you offer to your customers

What will your customers get?

Why is it perfect for you?

Made super easy for you

Your customers will also get

Your ads inside the audit

Buttons to schedule calls with your company for further website enhancement contracts

Your co-branding on the plugin, making the SEO tool you provide super personalized

Much better limits on the Free plan

No emails from us

No need to create a Squirrly account. It will be an instance working from your account as a dev

No ads from us, except the buttons which appear in case they go over the limits, in which case we suggest them to go agency

Amazing customer service on the free plan installed by your company

Perfect for you if:

You’re looking to expand the services that you offer to each customer

You want to generate more lifetime value through repeat contracts

You’re a web development expert, freelancer, agency

You provide digital marketing services

Your clients always tell you they want visitors for the sites you build for them

You are a SEO expert, freelancer, agency

WordPress SEO Management made super easy for you, the developer

Track client sites easily through the audits

One Panel for all settings in each new site you install

One web dev account to rule them all. Get unlimited customer sites inside the free web dev account

Technical Customer Service for SEO provided by Squirrly. You won’t have to offer support yourself.

You decide which customers get weekly audits and which don’t

You decide for which sections you’ll have the lead generation buttons, for them to schedule the calls

Pre-customize SEO settings inside the .zip file you’ll download for your customers

Settings and Optimizations Backups, to avoid massive headaches


Get 20 websites of your customers on the web dev kit within one year.

Be a Company or Freelancer that provides web dev services, marketing services, or SEO services

Team up with a winning company

It’s a lead generation tool

If this has your attention, then please go back to the Developers section and choose the kind of partnership that would make sense for you. Or get started right now.

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