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Why Is Squirrly SEO a Good Choice For Partnerships?

Depending on what you love to develop with WordPress and for WordPress, there are different ways in which you can collaborate with the Squirrly Company.

Core Values

Successful collaboration



Over 230,000 users with at least 3 sites each (on average). All of them on WordPress.

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8% Conversion Rate Free to Paid (for a SaaS freemium model, the industry standard is 2%).


Over 153,000 Active Email Subscribers for Squirrly SEO Newsletters, Marketing and Promotions (WordPress users) !! NOTE: active email subscribers. We constantly clean our email lists, so that people who don’t open our emails two months in a row are deleted from all our lists.


Over 39,000 Active Email Subscribers on our Media Sites (the WordPress segment totals of our audience. We also have subscribers for Shopify, SquareSpace, BigCommerce)


TOP 3 SEO Plugin for WordPress (as mentioned by the Search Engine Journal, expert publication)

Core Values:

Always Win By Helping Others Win.

One of our main core values as a company. It has been the reason behind successful partnerships with Ready Themes (now called: ThemeIsle), DealFuel, Inky Deals, ShortPixel, AtContent, KeenSkim.

Excellence in Customer Service.

We offer Excellent Customer Service (during work hours) to all of our users, not just members of our PRO Version. This approach to customer support and service has helped us shape Squirrly SEO into the powerful tool it is today.


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+285% Increase in Traffic for articles optimized with Squirrly SEO’s Live Assistant, as opposed to articles and pages that weren’t optimized with our Live Assistant (happened for 49,000 users who were in this experiment):


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+500% Increase in Traffic in some cases.


It’s a SEO Solution that is loved by Well-Known Experts:



Squirrly taught over 139,000 people how to be better at Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, and SEO.


Features that can’t be offered by any other WordPress plugin for SEO.



4 Times and in some cases even 8 Times Faster than the other WordPress SEO Plugins

Successful collaboration types from the past:

  • Email Cross-Promotion
  • Plugin-Level Integrations
  • Theme-Level Integrations
  • Blog Post Series (Cross-Promotion)
  • Co-Hosted Webinars
  • Co-Hosted Podcasts

If this has your attention, then please go back to the Developers section and choose the kind of partnership that would make sense for you. Or get started right now.

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