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There are many Digital Marketing Aspects that we help you learn about through Education Cloud PLUS. Over 40 different courses available right now! 

Squirrly brings entrepreneurs tools like Squirrly SEO, HideMyWP Ghost, Education Cloud PLUS. In the Entrepreneur Store you will find AI marketing tools and online training programs designed by Squirrly. 18,000 paying customers served to date.

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Our tools help you with all software requirements and they also provide you with guidance and knowledge. Because they are powered by Squirrly’s digital assistants.

Founded in 2012 in London, United Kingdom, Squirrly makes insanely great business products through our process of designing and coding digital assistants inside every SaaS we build. 

We’re 100% squirrly about the way technology can make business owners feel like they’ve added a whole new team of experts that works around the clock for them. Without the downside of having to pay too many contractors.

Our Vision of Helping You Become the Best Digital Marketer, without having to be a digital marketer.

It’s our passion to help you thrive.

This is why we provide free access to all the blogs from above and make it easy for you to always find the most important documentation. Whenever you need it. 

To make sure you really do get everything you need, we’ve written all of these blogs you can find above to help you with every single aspect you’ll ever need.

You get knowledge from 20 people who helped us create this amazing resource center. 

You get tools + knowledge + guidance. That is the Squirrly way. 

And even though it is already impressive, we are not stopping here.

We’ve also created a dedicated platform where you can learn digital marketing from a growing network of industry experts: Education Cloud PLUS.  

With Education Cloud PLUS, you can unlock actionable insights and discover proven tips and tricks to do your marketing better. Ready to gain the edge with Digital Marketing? 



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