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Increase in Traffic experienced by Squirrly SEO users*


Downloads for Squirrly SEO. And it keeps growing.

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Keywords ranked in the top 10 of Google Search Results 

“But more than numbers, we care about the impact we make in the lives of our users.

The main goal has always been to help non-SEO experts by giving them a powerful tool that they can use to be successful with Search Engine and boost online visibility.

This is why we do it.”

Florin Muresan, CEO of Squirrly

*based on a test run with 49,000 users. Each user in this test had at least 100 visits / day to the website. We analyzed pages optimized to over 50% optimization with Squirrly’s Live Assistant. Websites accepted into the test had a Piwik-based analytics solution installed (developed by Squirrly Company during 2013-2014).

Postcards from the 1st Page of Google : Our Customers' Stories

Learn how different people in different industries use Squirrly SEO to rank their pages and supercharge organic traffic to their sites.

Drew || small business owner

Do you still think that paying thousands of dollars in consultancy fees is the only way to rank on the 1st Page of Google?

See how one client who was just getting started with SEO managed to boost online visibility for his small business – just by using Squirrly PRO. 

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Melissa || affiliate marketer

Melissa runs a site where she gives practical money tips to women. Without being an SEO expert, she managed to rank her posts on the 1st Page of Google and get up to 10,000 blog page views on her 4th month blogging.

How? By using a series of proven Keyword Research best practices and Squirrly SEO PRO features. 

The best part? You too can use the same tactics to uncover amazing keyword opportunities and get more traffic to your site.

Olivia || blogger

Olivia is a blogger who had kind of given up on the idea of being on the 1st page of Google results. But that all changed when she discovered Squirrly SEO and realized that getting your pages way up on Search Engines is possible when using the right plugin. 

In her article, Olivia shares her experience using Squirrly SEO and why she thinks it’s the perfect plugin for SEO

More Happy Customers

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Olivia, Drew, and Melissa are just three of the thousands of small business owners, bloggers and affiliate marketers who use Squirrly SEO to supercharge traffic to their site and achieve more with SEO.

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