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It’s great to have you here.

You’ll learn how to play the game better, in order to access higher levels where you can win better prizes.

1 Start the Game from is the domain for the web app.

2 Game Loads up in HTML 5, directly inside the Browser

3 Level 1 Starts. Here’s What You See

You see the class of prizes you can win by playing this level

In this case it reads: “Win Common Prizes”

In this particular screen, there is an overlap with a different text that we’re using for debugging purposes in game sessions.

You get to see how many Extra Lives you have.

It tells you that you’re in Level 1.

AND: that you can collect special items from the screen in order to create Combos!

There are multiple types of combos and they help your squirrels gain different advantages.

You have a Squirrel to your Left and a Squirrel to your right.

Each of them can increase the score of your company (virtual, in-game company) by collecting items from the screen, like the nuts and acorns. Of course, the special items award each squirrel more points.

Move them by using the ARROW keys on your keyboard, as we mention here.

If you manage to win the very special “Age of Startups” eBook, then you will find out more about the legacy of this game and the whole story behind it and how it evolved.

4 Now You Know How to Play and what to look for inside the game. Let’s continue

5 Getting Investors and Getting Recipe Items

Because the best prizes are the in higher levels, you’ll need to be able to keep ranking. To keep advancing in the levels.

It was also called the “Keep Ranking Game”, because you’re basically out to rank your business higher inside the game, raise its valuation and also because you need to go higher and higher in order to win the EPIC prizes we award in the game.

You will see that three of the items are hidden in the MIST and they are only shadow-outlined.

Which means that those are the items you still need to collect for this particular Recipe / Combo.

You can also see that you have collected two items:

That’s as far as the combo is concerned.

You now also see that there are 3x squirrels on the screen.

One of them is an Investor Squirrel.

Having the investor near you (as it happens in reality when you gain smart investors for your company), your problems go away and it’s easier to overcome obstacles (not just because of more money, but also because smart Angel Investors, like we have at Squirrly for example, will make your path smooth and with their guidance and network you’ll remove many obstacles and drawbacks.

So, whenever you find a “Tie” item on your screen, that will summon an investor to come to your aid.

Also, one of the recipes in game will summon the investor combo, which will also bring an investor on screen. That way, some very impossible to pass obstacles will just be destroyed and you’ll be able to keep ranking.

6 Gain more special items to increase your score (company valuation)

Getting the TechCrunch special item, for example, gives you +350 points.

It’s tricky to get sometimes, because you can see that the TC logo is well hidden in the green leaves. Hint: in the image above there is a TC to the right of the right-most squirrel on screen.

7 Getting Your First Prize From the Content Marketing Game: Full Process. Follow Through with all the steps!

There are SUPER HIGH chances for you to walk away with prizes from the game.

Twitter Mentions prize, for example, has a huge drop rate. It’s one of the common prizes inside the game, and if you win it, then the big @SquirrlyHQ account on twitter will mention your business to build more buzz for you.

Levels with Common prizes have zero chances of dropping Rare prizes for example.

Rare Levels will have higher chances of dropping Rare Prizes and small chances of dropping Common prizes.

And so on.

When your Lives inside the game are over, you will get the LAST PRIZE you have reached inside the game, before you lost all lives.

In this case, for me, it was actually the Twitter Mentions prize.

Now comes the important part.

Click on the treasure chest.

Make sure your browser allows pop-ups !!!

8 Claiming Prizes

After you click, you will reach

Now in this step, I go and click on “I WANT THIS”

Place your email address there and click on GET!


CLICK ON DOWNLOAD, in order to download your pdf.

The PDF will have all instructions for HOW YOU can get your prize!!!

You will need your pdf, so download it and then read it.

That’s how the PDF opens up, and it has the instructions for how I can go and claim my new prize.

We have such pdfs for the other prizes as well.

Please make sure you go through with all the steps.

Enjoy playing the startup game.

Keep navigating the rest of the Content Marketing Game Wiki in order to learn other tricks, learn more about the game, and UP your gameplay, so that you’ll be able to get more prizes from us in no time.

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Prizes to Win From the Game

Make sure browser allows pop-ups to be able to redeem your prizes

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