Learning with Squirrly.

The Squirrly Company has always been big on teaching other people.

How many people?

135,000 people (business owners, marketers, personal brands, freelancers, developers, agency managers) – that was the latest report from last year. They took our courses and learned from our lessons.

Insanely Great. Learning Solutions.

The Squirrly Company knows a lot about teaching others. It’s time we help YOU teach other people as well..

A brand new product to help you train others:

BIG Enterprises with Over 1,500 employees have already used our Learning Solutions by Squirrly product. 

That’s 1,500 employees / company, of course. It worked brilliantly for them. We’re soon opening the gates for you and your own business. Works perfectly for small businesses as well.

Of course, we also have the popular Education Cloud platform:

Education Cloud 2020:

Built on the Learning Solutions by Squirrly software product, the brand new trainings offer you everything you need to become Digital Marketing Superstars.

It also replaces our previous Membership site. The lessons and courses and inside have been updated for 2020. Best of all, they’ve been matured based on feedback from our learners, for over 6 years now.

There are a few courses available at any given time, and they change inside the platform according to the curriculum.

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