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Cristina Coroiu

Cristina Coroiu is the head graphic designer at the Squirrly Company as well as one of the Lead content producers.

Driven by her passion for business branding, design, and content creation, Cristina built her expertise in these areas over the past 10 years, continuously mastering new skills to perfect her craft – and sharing her expertise through blogging and online courses.

With a background in different forms of art and design, Cristina specializes in visual marketing, graphic design, photography, and visual storytelling.

As an experienced content creator and entrepreneur, Cristina also has a strong grasp of content marketing, social media marketing, personal branding, SEO, and web design.

A message from Cristina to Education Cloud PLUS students:

I am thrilled to be a part of the Education Cloud PLUS team of instructors and I hope my courses will get you excited about learning new marketing skills to drive better business results!

I know that delving into an entirely new topic can sometimes feel overwhelming and intimidating. So, my focus when creating these courses has been to keep things simple, share some of the best tips I’ve learned over the years, and provide clear, actionable information in a way that inspires you to take action.

Please take a moment to check out my courses below and Happy learning! 😉

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