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Lucian Nertan

Lucian Nertan is the Marketing Technologist at the Squirrly Company, running MarTech projects across the many SOPs, products and marketing systems we use. Also creating amazing internal projects like Customer.DigitalPackGlobal.com and a brand new Email Marketing App.

Aside from the tech side, Lucian, helps run the company’s Affiliate Marketing Program and has been the VP of Agency at Squirrly. This experience and the quality of work provided by our many writers to the clients of Squirrly speaks to the knowledge that he has when it comes to delivering great content!

Since joining Squirrly back in 2015, there hasn’t been anyone in our team able to deliver better QA over the articles that our content creators produced. Getting feedback from him on content production is one of the most valuable perks for writers who work at Squirrly.

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