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Content Distribution

Quizzes & Surveys

Engagement Data

Reports & Insights

Activity & KPI Tracking

Training Management

Innovate Your Training Operations

New Hires

Efficiently educate new hires about company policies and procedures, core values and everything else. Monitor them during onboarding and measure their level of engagement.


Train, motivate and retain your employees  – no matter where they are in the world.


Educate affiliates about services, products, and more so they can do a better job promoting them.

Sales Agents

Inform Sales Agents about the ins and outs of your organization’s sales processes and help them gradually ramp up their selling abilities.

Customer Support

Deliver effective online customer support training to increase the productivity and performance of your support team by growing their abilities.


Make partners aware of your most important materials to help them gain fundamental knowledge about your business.


Deliver consistent staff training and keep track of certifications and mandatory courses, all in one place. 

Another way to use Learning Solutions can be inspired by your training needs.

Achieve Better Training Results with Less Effort

Our software makes it incredibly easy to upload training materials and store them all in one dedicated place where students can learn without distractions. 

You’ll no longer have to worry about having your training scattered across different platforms and waste precious time providing endless indications on how it can be accessed.

Automate Time-Consuming Processes without Losing that Personal Touch

Insanely Easy to Setup and Use by All Your Students

Regardless of their technical skills or level of experience in using online training platforms, all of your students will be able to easily create an account and use the platform.

Trust us, we know what students want:

Learning Solutions was created based on how we know people learn best.

Effective KPI Tracking, Worldwide

Whether you’re managing a remote team or in-house employees, you can access detailed data to measure the success of your training programs.

Multiple tools to help you understand performance.

Create Unique Quizzes to Gain Insight and Evaluate Performance

Use in-platform quizzes to add more value to your training, boost knowledge retention and increase engagement levels. Include time limits to avoid fraud and accurately assess students’ performance.

Create Surveys to gain feedback, identify possible training shortcomings and spot opportunities for improvement.

Training in the Now

Learning Solutions is quickly becoming the go-to online course system for businesses and organizations from all over the world. 

The software is used by Top Corporations with 1,500 to 3,000 employees each, startups and small businesses, as well as institutions in the medical sector. 

Now is your turn to step into the new era of learning.

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