10 Signs You Should Invest In Content Writing Services

03 Jun 2018
| Last update: 08 Apr 2020

Content Writing Services Save Your Business

Meetings, clients, emails, social media management, split testing, product development, profit and loss…the list is endless. As a business grows, the ability to maintain focus in so many areas divides. Content most always takes a back seat.

Content is at the heart of every single business. It’s what generates sales and is the framework of making businesses responsive. It’s the foundation of client attraction and it’s most certainly the catalyst for sales funnels.

content writing

Here are some signs that you may need to invest in a content writing service:

1)  Moonlighting

If you have another job you work in between building your business, your mental energy is compromised. By the time you meet your regular work obligations, your brain is ready for a reset. Instead, you dive right into your business. This, in turn, cannot help but challenge your creativity and productivity.

2)  The Invasion of Crickets on Your Site

When you had more time, you likely posted more often. However, as you’ve grown your business and been forced to wear more hats, content writing is harder to find time for.

3)  The Three B’s

But Syndrome:  You find multiple excuses to procrastinate producing new content.

Burnout:  You’re tired of writing content.

Brain Fried:  You’re tired, bored, brain fried, and can’t focus on creating new posts.

4)  Decrease in Quality

content writing

Do your articles have occasional or frequent errors in them? Does your subject matter not always align with your niche?

5)  Site Traffic is in the Slow Lane

Measure your site visits, amount of time spent on the site, and pages viewed. Has it begun to decline instead of increase?

6)  Is Your Ego Under Control, or Does Your Ego Control You?

You know you’re a great writer. It’s your strength. But it’s not your only one. You’re being stretched in too many directions. Content writing is one aspect that you can let go of so that your mind will be clear to take your business to the next level.

7)  Broad Focus

When your time is spread thin and divided into multiple duties, the focus of your niche becomes skewed. A good content writing service has skilled writers who are able to focus on your niche, capture interest in your products, and provide updated information in your specialty.

8)  Less Audience Engagement

Experienced writers are able to draw interest directly to your site, its products, and its services. They know how to evoke emotion, present and then solve a problem using your products, and encourage audience engagement through continued discussions in the comments or through direct inquiries for consults, products, etc.

9)  When SEO is Too Hard and Time Consuming

content writing

A good content writing service has 100% optimization, 100% of the time. Where you spend hours trying to optimize, they can structure and write an article that’s 100% search engine optimized in half the time.

10)  Weak or Ineffective Calls to Action

A CTA should do exactly that,  lead the reader into some sort of action, whether it’s to subscribe or purchase. Content writing agencies are experts at writing these and know how to write the article and build upon the CTA, so that readers are more likely to respond.

If one or more of these signs resonates, you should consider investing in content writing services. Face it, you want customers and we can bring them to you with our quality content services. No more staring at a blank screen, no more keyword confusion, no more SEO struggles. We provide the articles along with social media copy. End your anxiety and move on to taking your business to the next level while our content writers pave the way. You’re a click away.


  • Tim Rowley | Web 4 Panama

    March 27, 2015 at 10:54 PM

    Nicely written ! I always like leaving a space before a question of an exclamation mark. Grammatically wrong I know, but I prefer it as it stands out from the word, particularly when they end with a full height letter. Am I wrong ?

    • Lynn Silva

      March 30, 2015 at 12:35 PM

      Hi Tim! : )

      First of all, thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

      Secondly, no, I don’t think it’s ‘wrong’ to put a space before an exclamation, especially in the case of leaving a comment, because I consider comments informal, casual conversation. In a way, it can symbolize you, your business or your brand. For example, with every comment I leave, I address the person with an exclamation and then leave a smiley face. As time has gone on, people have gradually come to identify Lynn from Diversimom with this exclamation and smiley face.

      If it were to be frowned upon in any way, and that’s a big ‘if’…I’d assume it would be in formal situations such as the educational or legal fields. Only because those subjects are far more proper and serious.

      I encourage you to be you…and if that includes putting a space for more emphasis between a word and an exclamation, go for it. It in no way suggests that you’re ‘wrong,’ but instead, over time, will serve as your symbol. I hope this helps and again, thank you for reading! : )