? 100 Hacks Sent in the Digital Marketing Superstars Community ?

When we created the Digital Marketing Superstars program, we knew we wanted it to be a space of knowledge that would act as a catalyst for growth. A place you can turn to for inspiration on your quest to become a Better Marketer.

So, we started researching the latest growth hacks and marketing case studies from the best sources out there and put them in a format that would be easy to access and grasp.

And what came out of it was this:

One-minute, hand-picked, actionable hacks to inspire your next big marketing breakthroughs. Exclusively delivered to your inbox 2x / week. For free. 

Since the first hack was sent and up until this moment when I’m writing this, a lot has happened. Game of Thrones released its final season, Prince Archie was born, Thor let himself go and got fat.

And here we are.

Past the 100 hacks sent in the DM Superstars community threshold.

One hundred.

There’s something grand and amazing about that number. Something worth celebrating.

So, to mark reaching this important milestone (and hopefully inspire one of our colleagues to bring in cake) I’ve put together a rundown of some of the highlights from this journey to 100 Hacks.

DM Superstars Went Live on Product Hunt

The official Product Hunt Launch event for Digital Marketing Superstars took place on August 14 (see the listing here). Hundreds of people took part in our special event, making it one of the most successful launches from last year.

  • Hundreds of people joined the community.
  • Lots of positive reviews; the level of enthusiasm shown by the Product Hunt community was more than we expected.
  • DM Superstars received 1st Place on the Email Newsletter category on Product Hunt.

You can read more notes about the launch event here.

The Playbook

As part of the Launch, we also released the Digital Marketing Playbook, a collection of some of the best hacks sent within the community up to that point.

I know many of you loved the Playbook. It was a sign that you enjoy collecting these hacks and having access to a private library of great ideas that you can turn to whenever you need some inspiration.

We’re Growing: Nearly Tripled the Number of Community Members

Compared to when we first launched this community, there are now 3X times as many people who receive these hacks every week. We won’t give out any numbers, but we have thousands of new members. And we’re grateful for each and every one of you. ?

The growth of the community is impressive. And we’re still growing. Digital Marketing Superstars is getting bigger and stronger every single day.

New Rewards Offered within the Community

What makes Digital Marketing Superstars different than many similar programs out there are the community-exclusive challenges and rewards. 

Here are some of the rewards that were made available to community members:

  • Access to digital marketing courses.
  • Free competitor keywords reports.
  • The chance to get top marketing tools for free, like Lifetime Access to Starbox PRO.

(Behind the Scenes) Top 3 Most Popular Hacks Sent

Here are three of the community’s favorite hacks (based on the level of engagement they received).

3. Phrases You Shouldn’t Use in Your Email Subject Line (research-based): where we included the exact phrases to steer clear of based on an analysis that looked at 115 Million emails sent by 7,839 different companies.

2. Increase Lead Count by 280% (Neil Patel Hack): where we showed you Neil Patel’s favorite hack for converting website visitors into leads and the exact steps on how you can apply it on your own website.

1. Left vs. Right: where to put your CTA buttons (research): where we talked about the Gutenberg Diagram and showed you that,  when it comes to left versus right, research is pretty clear about what’s the best placement of your CTA.

If you’re a part of the community, maybe you’ve already implemented ideas from these hacks.

If not, you’ve missed out on these. Stop missing out on great content and join Digital Marketing Superstars now! We have many amazing ideas and fresh research that we’re excited to share with you.

Thank You for Sticking around for 100 Hacks (and Counting)

It’s been a journey to get here, but we felt the community’s support every step of the way.

Thank you for supporting this program by telling your friends and colleagues about it and inviting them to join.  And Thank You for the love and the continuous feedback that we receive from you.

Feedback like this:

Or this:

And this:

It’s the best feeling when someone in the community reaches out to us, saying how the hacks and case studies have inspired them. Numbers and growth stats aside, this is what truly makes everything worthwhile. Seeing that you’re getting real value out of the insight we send you.

Exciting New Things Coming in 2020. You in?

If you’re already a part of the Digital Marketing Superstars community, you’ll be happy to know that we have a lot of exciting plans lined up for you in the following months.

Here are just some of which I can reveal now:

  • ? An updated version of the Playbook. Since so many of you have loved and requested it, we’re working on creating a new version of the Playbook with double the number of ideas. (you’ll need to be a part of the community to access the new version of the Playbook).
  • ? New rewards that will supercharge your digital marketing efforts.
  • ? Fresh growth hacks and case studies curated by our team of editors. There’s always a new experiment, a new growth hack, a new piece study that comes out. If you’re a part of our community, you’ll know about them.

If you haven’t joined our exclusive community yet, here’s your chance. Stop missing out on amazing ideas.

Your next big marketing breakthrough could be waiting for you in your Inbox.


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