6 New AI Courses to Help You Reskill to AI Are Available Now!

You’ve got new courses to learn from inside Education Cloud PLUS.

6 brand new courses are now available with a Premium Pass, to help you learn all about building new skills with AI and using AI to get new business wins to your next Christmas table.

There are about 3 lessons (with sub-lessons) now in these new courses and we will add new lessons inside over the next few months. Find them in the “What’s New?” area inside the Discovery section of Education Cloud PLUS.

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1. AI Curiosities: Creative Use Cases You Didn’t See Coming

Discover AI’s limitless potential by exploring its most unusual applications.

From simulating billionaire advice to turning cartoons into entrepreneurs, we’ll unpack unique examples that’ll get you inspired to harness AI for innovative digital marketing strategies.

2. Write Like a Pro, Now: Elevate Your Writing Game with AI

Feeling stuck in a content rut, wrestling with words that just won’t flow? By using the right AI prompts, you can transform your writing, consistently produce engaging content, and sound like a seasoned writer from day one. This is the future of writing. Learn to embrace it with this course!

3. AI Vision For You

In this Audio Course, we will talk about AI and the vision we have for you and the future of work. Will you lose your job to AI? Tune in to revolutionize work.

4. 249 Genius Ways to Use ChatGPT for Digital Marketing

Everyone’s using ChatGPT. But most are STUCK in beginner mode. Not you. Dive in to discover 249 EPIC use cases that remain hidden to most users and get massively ahead with AI.

Master ChatGPT for social media, SEO, email marketing, blogging & more.

5. Artistic Expression with AI: Unleashing the Power of Digital Art

Explore the intersection of art and AI in this creative masterclass. Unleash your artistic potential and see how AI tools can be used to generate stunning marketing visuals, eye-catching images, and even viral memes!

6. Content Creation and Repurposing with AI

Unlock the creative potential of AI in content creation with this actionable masterclass. Master ChatGPT to save time, generate unique content ideas, and optimize your writing.

Discover innovative techniques to easily change your writing style and explore ways to repurpose and enhance your existing content.

The Future of Work is Here. We’re Getting You Ready For the Biggest Change Since Web 2.0!

We’re finishing the edits on the other 4 AI Courses that we prepared for you. We promised you we would help you hold your own against anyone using AI, and we’ll lead the reskilling revolution! More courses will soon be available inside your Education Cloud PLUS library!
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