How I Started Making Money With the Squirrly Affiliate Program

14 Jul 2013
| Last update: 22 Mar 2017
Sometimes it’s really good to have awesome people around you, and this time around one of those very awesome persons (a Squirrly customer, of course), made a nice tutorial for starting up with the affiliate program.
He couldn’t have said it better. Read on:
1) In your WordPress Dashboard go to the left menu and the tab: Squirrly.
affiliate program

There you will see a section called, Make Money with Squirrly. Click it.

2) Make sure you read the Terms of Use for the Affiliate Program

affiliate program squirrly

It explains a bit about the comission you’ll get and also how payments are made. It’s basic and stuff, but I found that it’s good to read that to see how these squirrly guys pay in your paypal and if there are any special things (there aren’t but it’s best you read).
3) Then, you can see a big green button, if you haven’t already clicked it before. It activates you as an affiliate.
affiliate program squirrly seo plugin
4) What it looks like, your affiliate link and also the banners you can use in your site.
general affiliate program squirrly
comfy affiliate program
I found out that I can actually bug them on their support email about making the banners at my requested dimensions and they did do that for me, which is pretty cool. It’s the first affiliate program where the guys in charge really make custom stuff, instead of having you do all the work. Comfy.. 🙂
5) Hacking the affiliate link. Look at the top.
affiliate program custom
There, you will see a link simillar to: change the “” part with the link where you want to re-direct users. ( TIP: start the link with www… etc., not http:// 🙂 )
The guys thought about the fact that they’ll have really experienced marketers in their affiliate program, so they allow them to build their own pre-sale landing pages, which is kinda cool. So, you can place their a link to a landing page you designed.Okay, that’s how I started out with the affiliate program and so far I’m seeing cool sign-ups in my affiliate history dashboard.



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