This AI Writing Hack Might Have Made Me a “Witch” in Another Era

The secret to exceptional AI-generated content lies in how you craft your prompts.

And today, I’m sharing a formula so effective, it might have had folks in the old days eyeing me for a witch trial.

But I promise you, there’s no sorcery here, just the result of countless hours I’ve dedicated to experimenting with ChatGPT, refining prompts until I struck gold.

Or, in our case, the ultimate formula for creating AI content that’s nothing short of magical.

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D.A.R.E. to Elevate Your AI Writing

The D.A.R.E. formula (Define, Assign, Refine, and Elaborate) is a step-by-step framework designed to supercharge the quality and relevance of your AI-generated content.
Here’s an example of this formula in action:

Act as a blogger with 10 years of experience and write a blog post about sustainability. The blog post should be witty, conversational, and appeal to millennials. Include the following sub-topics in your article: eco-friendly fashion and zero-waste living.

Let’s break down each step.


Kick things off by setting a role for ChatGPT. Maybe it’s a seasoned blogger or a social media expert. This helps ChatGPT slip into the right shoes from the get-go.


Lay down your quest by assigning a specific task to ChatGPT. Need a snazzy email newsletter? Or perhaps, ten blog post ideas that’ll make readers click faster than you can say ‘abracadabra’?

This step gets ChatGPT on the right track.


Here’s where you get picky about what you want. Tone of voice, length, style— you name it. Like ordering your perfect brew at that hipster coffee shop.


Give ChatGPT the inside scoop—more details, context, examples. The more you give, the more you get. It’s like feeding a gremlin after midnight, but with far better outcomes.

Why does D.A.R.E. work like a charm? Because it turns vague wishes into crystal-clear instructions. It’s the difference between a spell that fizzles and one that turns pumpkins into carriages. So, as you venture into the world of AI, remember to D.A.R.E! 

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