Back to School and Back to Squirrly – A Month of Learning

30 Sep 2019
| Last update: 26 Apr 2021

You can sharpen your pencils, and you can also sharpen your knowledge of Digital Marketing.

You’ve been following our lessons and lesson plans for a while now. The Focus Pages session that you’ve just finished reading (which we re-branded as the Rank Show) was created and published on a third party… by a third party.

I’ve seen that it helped many of you to figure out how you can get started with your own site. That’s why I love the Servicii app example. It’s just such a simple site and without any SEO knowledge, they really managed to move the needle and start being found on the Google search engine. You could read their struggles and how they made it work. In the end it was all worth it for them.

It’s going to be Back to Squirrly next month. Back to our resources. Here’s a huge spoiler alert: ALL of the lessons we’ve created and all the courses will be available for free.

My favorite rapper used to sing “check, check out my melody!”. I’m saying: “search, search for my emails”.

We sold a lot of copies of our $147 USD course on Udemy. That’s why some of my advisers told me I shouldn’t give these NEW courses out for free, since they could be making us so much money. (Over 2,000 people purchased the Udemy course since 2014).

I just don’t see it that way. I know you don’t really know me all that well, and maybe you can’t understand how happy it makes me to publish these lessons and make them available to you. This is an activity that brings me true joy.

And it’s not just me. It’s everybody on my team. They all love helping others out with becoming Superstars. I’ve recently had members of our community telling us how much they appreciate all the hard work that goes into making these courses available to you.

It was nice to read those. I posted those messages on our Internal Board messaging system and everyone from the team was happy that our work was appreciated.

It takes a lot of dedication to do this. It’s nice when people figure out just how much.

But we do it. Because the satisfaction we get when we see how we make a real difference is just awesome. (some testimonials can be read here). None of us ever thought we’d teach over 139,000 people during this lifetime. It’s a lot to take in. So yeah, it is awe inspiring.

You’ll see many testimonials from business owners and freelancers who became Superstars at online marketing after learning from the lessons.

Teaching people is part of what makes Squirrly insanely great! It’s a big part of it, actually.

Just look at some of the Facts regarding the Success and Impact of our Training Programs.