The Hidden Weakness in Your WordPress Site – and What to Do about It

Today, I wanted to talk about something a bit more technical but super important for all you WordPress users out there: XML-RPC. 🚀 First off, what’s this mysterious XML-RPC? XML-RPC is a protocol designed for WordPress to standardize communication between different systems, allowing external apps to “talk” to WordPress. This feature has been in the WP toolkit since […]

Logged & Loaded: Know Who Does What on Your Site

First off, trust is essential, right? You’ve given your users access to your site because you trust them. But we’re all human. And humans… well, we have our moments. However, if you could pinpoint exactly who made a mistake and how; it’d be a breeze to remedy the situation and guide them on avoiding it […]

4 Types of Phishing Hooks in Your Inbox

By now, it’s no longer a secret that WordPress is one of the most popular platforms on the web, making it a delicious target for cybercriminals. And their tactics are constantly evolving. Today, cybercriminals have countless methods and types of phishing emails they use to trick users and get them to share sensitive information or install malware. […]

Time’s Up: It’s Time to Give Your Plugins a Health Check

Whether you’re a seasoned web developer or someone who simply manages a personal or business website, there’s an important task that often gets overlooked: updating your plugins. Yes, we all see those little notifications prompting us to update, but why is it so crucial that you don’t ignore them? Today, I’d like to delve into this very topic […]

Your FAQs about Hide My WP Ghost, Answered!

In an era where digital security and privacy are paramount, website owners and developers are constantly seeking ways to protect their online assets from cyber threats. One tool that has gained significant attention in this regard is “Hide My WP Ghost.” If you’re unfamiliar with it or have burning questions about its capabilities, you’ve come […]

Your Cat’s Name Shouldn’t Be Your Password

Believe it or not, it’s 2023, and “123456” and “password” are still in the top 10 most frequently used passwords. Now, you probably know that choosing such passwords is the digital equivalent of opening the door to your own house to a burglar. But creating a strong password goes beyond the obvious ‘don’t use 123456‘ advice. Here […]

Make Your Author ID URL Invisible to Hackers with HMWP Ghost

You may not realize this, but: Whenever someone types in a URL like on a WordPress site, they are automatically redirected to: In this URL, ‘username’ is (by default) the login name of the author with an ID of 1 (commonly, this is the admin user). Likewise, if someone were to enter, he/she will be redirected to where […]

How to Fix Website Vulnerabilities and Enhance Your WordPress Security

Your WordPress version may not be the most exciting aspect of your website, but when it comes to security, it’s absolutely crucial to stay on top of it. Let’s find out the importance of checking your WordPress version and provide you with easy methods to fix website vulnerabilities. Why Checking Your WordPress Version Matters for […]

Hide My WP Ghost – See all the Updates & Fixes from the Last 8 Months

I don’t know about you, but these days, I’m completely hooked on stalking affordable plane tickets to those ridiculously exotic, drool-worthy vacation spots. (*It’s like a fever, I tell you!) And you know what that means, right? It’s finally summer! With half of this year already behind us, we figured it would be cool to gather […]

Digital Security Tsunamis: Discover 3 of the Biggest Hacks of All Time

Yahoo. First American. Marriott. Believe it or not, these household names have made headlines for all the wrong reasons — massive data breaches that left billions of user accounts exposed and vulnerable. Curious to know more? Let’s take a closer look at three of the biggest hacks in history: 1. Yahoo! Total accounts impacted: 3 […]

Replace Yourself With AI

Start unlocking the full potential of AI technology with 249 genius ways to use ChatGPT for Digital Marketing.