Changes. In the way we learn.

04 Oct 2019
| Last update: 24 Oct 2019

“things change, and that’s the way it is”. – Tupac Amaru Shakur

When I think about the Internet, I am always in awe.

I never would have dreamed that in a million years I’d teach so many hundreds of thousands of people. (139,000 that we’ve last reported)

Do you still remember the early days of the Internet? People were describing it as an encyclopedia. That’s one of the first benefits that anyone saw in this connected network that spread across dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of computers.

And now across billions of “connected” devices.

Even though you can conduct business, donate, sell products, manage teams and do a lot on the Internet, one of the most important things about it is still the access to Education.

Just think about it for a minute. Today you can access courses and lessons created by people who have actually done the things they teach. They teach from experience, they show you their trials and errors. They can warn you against the treacherous paths you could be lead towards. Because they’ve been there. And Now… with the Internet: they are with you.

In September I’ve told you that there’s going to be a Month of Education.

Even though we have already taught you a lot of things in September about getting your pages to the first page of Google search.

With examples given by a team who worked very hard to get there and who told you all that they learned.


This is amazing.

Back in the day you had to insert a floppy disk into your computer. Click lots of buttons. Restart your computer (… those days, right?). And work a lot just to be able to get a lesson in front of you, on your screen.

With my latest educational emails, you probably just clicked on your phone’s email app and boom: the lesson was started.

Many changes have already happened. And we’ve made many changes ourselves.

Education has played one of the biggest roles in helping us deliver insanely great marketing software to 6,455 paying B2B customers in over 90 countries.

To become insanely great at delivering our educational resources we’ve adapted our courses and training sessions to many different formats:
– twitter lessons
– youtube live streams
– youtube premieres
– slideshares
– email lessons
– lessons from the blog
– udemy lessons (our $147 USD course that’s still being sold on udemy)
– webinars

Just think of all these amazing formats you have available today which can help you consume information. They can all help you outmatch anyone and become the best in your industry (rank top of mind for your target customers).

Oh, yes. There has been one more format we’ve done: the Education Cloud.

Now that one is about to change.

Some incredible changes are underway for Education Cloud.

Access will be available very soon. This October.

There are a few corporation who really wanted to change things in the way they’re training employees. One of them brought 1,500 employees to the platform on which we’ve built our brand new Education Cloud. I can already tell you that it scales well and the success of the educational programs has brought managers joy.

So we’re getting ready to welcome you, our beloved community, into the future of Learning, with the new Education Cloud 2020.

We’ve redesigned and updated most of our courses already.