This February, Love Your SEO: Latest Updates from Squirrly

Ah, February — a time for heart-shaped everything, oversized teddy bears that are too big for your apartment, and… Squirrly SEO updates? Absolutely!

At Squirrly, we’re romantics at heart, especially when it comes to delivering updates that we know you’ll love.

So, while we can’t promise you chocolates or serenades this Valentine’s Day, our latest updates pack rolled out in the past two months is our way of saying ‘We care deeply about your SEO success.’

Come along as we delve into these updates, revealing what’s new and improved.

Squirrly SEO Live Assistant: Now Even Smarter!

Your favorite SEO Live Assistant got an important upgrade, and it’s now able to automatically pull keywords from other SEO plugins and calculate the SLA score for them.

This means you can easily know how well your content is optimized without the extra step of adding keywords manually to the SEO Live Assistant. For more details, make sure to check out this Knowledge Base resource (the Notes section at the bottom of the article).

Our goal is to make the process of optimizing your content as easy as possible, leading to higher visibility and more meaningful connections with your audience.

Introducing New Schema Types to Help You Stand Out from Your SEO Competitors

We’re excited to introduce three new Schema types: RealEstateListing, Accommodation, and VideoGame. In addition to these, we’ve also added recommended fields by Google Rich Schema test in the schema forms.

Your feedback has been loud and clear on the need for these new schemas, and we’re thrilled to have turned your requests into reality.

Key Connections Made Even Easier

  • Fixes for automatically getting GSC Code
  • Fixes for GET GA Code
  • Made new fixes to the experience of API-Level Connections to Google Search Console. Auto-Match available
  • Made new fixes to the experience of API-Level Connections to Google Analytics. Auto-Match available

This update streamlines your access to precise data and insights, ensuring you spend less time on integrations and more on developing unique strategies to grow your business.

More Options for WooCommerce Users

For our e-commerce friends, we’ve added the option to remove parent categories in WooCommerce when subcategories are present and fixed the pagination for WooCommerce tags when category base is removed.

Increased Compatibility and Performance

Our commitment to enhancing your experience with Squirrly SEO doesn’t stop.

We’ve ensured full compatibility with WordPress 6.4 and PHP 8.3, fixed compatibility with Frontend Builders when used in third-party plugins/themes, and squashed small bugs.

Furthermore, we’ve integrated the SEO Automation with Polylang and WPML for each Post Type, as well as added Sortable Columns in Redirects and Reusable Tables.

The Competitive Clarity Index (used to power Squirly’s keyword research tool), the SEO Audit, and the SERP Checker Cloud by Squirrly have also received updates, ensuring that your SEO strategy is built on a solid and reliable foundation.

More Fixes You Should Know about

Our recent updates include a range of targeted fixes aimed at making your overall experience using Squirrly SEO as seamless as possible. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Fixed – Local posts/custom posts search and pagination in Squirrly Live Assistant
  • Fixed – language support on WPML
  • Fixed – Silent installation of Advanced SEO Pack on websites with WPML
  • Fixed – Show original posts title when searching in Focus Pages and Audits Pages
  • Fixed – Language option in keyword research to find keywords in a specific language for a specific country
  • Fixed wp_strip_all_tags warning on patterns
  • Fixed – Local posts/custom posts search on Inner Links
  • Fixed – Bulk action on Briefcase when adding labels to keywords
  • Fixed – Bulk action on Briefcase when sending keywords to rankings
  • Fixed – Compatibility with WPML when adding Rich Snippets for {search_term_string} param on WebPage Schema
  • Fixed – Canonical link on Polylang and WPML for the Home Page
  • Fixed – Post Title in Focus Pages and Audits when the Feature Image is set
  • Fixed – Patterns warning when postmeta value is not string

What other Features Are You Looking forward to?

We believe in the power of community-driven development, where your feedback and suggestions directly influence our update pipeline. That’s why we have an open Roadmap, where you can vote for existing items or add new requests.

By doing this, you play an active role in shaping the future of Squirrly SEO, ensuring that we continue to deliver the features and improvements that matter most to you.

So don’t hesitate to contribute with ideas and make your voice heard!

Signing Off

As we tie up this round of updates, remember that our commitment to you is ongoing. Every update, every feature, and every line of code is a testament to our dedication to making SEO not just manageable and successful but also enjoyable for you.

So here’s to a year of achieving new heights together, with Squirrly SEO by your side every step of the way.

Keep ranking!

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