Your FAQs about Hide My WP Ghost, Answered!

In an era where digital security and privacy are paramount, website owners and developers are constantly seeking ways to protect their online assets from cyber threats. One tool that has gained significant attention in this regard is “Hide My WP Ghost.” If you’re unfamiliar with it or have burning questions about its capabilities, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into some common questions about Hide My WP Ghost and provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

1️⃣ Does Hide My WP Ghost complement, overlap, or replace other security tools?

Hide My WP Ghost complements other security tools by offering an extra layer of protection that others don’t offer in order to prevent hacking attempts.

Instead of focusing on fixing files that were already infected, we focus on hiding the paths that hacker bots use to gain access or inject scripts.

Hackers and hacker bots can’t attack what they can’t find, so this will automatically increase the level of protection of your WordPress site.

With Hide My WP Ghost, you prevent attacks from happening, by hiding vulnerabilities in themes, WP core, and plugins.

Hackers and hacker bots can’t attack what they can’t find.

This offers an extra layer of protection that you don’t get from other plugins, because those focus on helping you while you are attacked and after you were attacked, by:

– cleaning files,

– detecting malware, injections, etc.

With Hide My WP Ghost, you can avoid getting injections in the first place.

2️⃣ Will it slow down my WordPress site?

Hide My WP Ghost is extremely lightweight and will NOT slow your website down.

We have tested Hide My WP Ghost on many websites and we even noticed a slight improvement when it comes to loading speed.

So, you can bolster your site’s security without sacrificing performance.

3️⃣ What are the best settings to turn on and off when starting with Ghost Mode?

Getting started with Ghost Mode and wondering what to toggle on or off?

We’ve got you covered.

This video walks you through how to set up Hide My WP Ghost in Ghost Mode, activating the essential security features you need.

It will show you which settings to enable and disable to ensure a stronger and safer website in just 6 minutes.

Start watching >>

The settings shown in this video will work best for most sites – and present a way to quickly, safely, and effectively set up Ghost Mode for your site.

However, the ideal settings can look different from case to case, and you can always further customize these settings based on your needs and wants.

4️⃣ Will it affect my SEO/Rankings?

No, using Hide My WP Ghost has NO impact on your SEO and won’t influence your SEO rankings, because you still have the same public-facing URLs inside your site.

Schema, metadata, Open Graph, Twitter Cards, etc. are kept the same inside your site’s source code.

All the images can still be accessed by Google via the old paths so that the indexation of the new paths will not be affected in any way.

HMWP Ghost doesn’t change or affect the things that play a role in how high you rank on Google, as they are unrelated to having WordPress.

Therefore, using Hide My WP Ghost does NOT influence your SEO rankings.


If you have any more questions, feel free to check out our FAQ section here or reach out via the live chat.

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