Hide My WP Ghost – See all the Updates & Fixes from the Last 8 Months

I don’t know about you, but these days, I’m completely hooked on stalking affordable plane tickets to those ridiculously exotic, drool-worthy vacation spots. (*It’s like a fever, I tell you!)

And you know what that means, right? It’s finally summer!

With half of this year already behind us, we figured it would be cool to gather up everything we’ve done to further enhance Hide My WP Ghost by Squirrly in recent months. So, we’ve compiled all the updates and fixes into one massive list that you can easily browse through.

Thanks to these changes, our award-winning security plugin for WordPress is now more powerful and more robust than ever before, as well as easier to use.

Start scrolling to discover the latest Hide My WP Ghost improvements that will take your website security to a whole new level.

📅 MONTH: November 2022

  • Fixed – White screen on iPhone > safari when disable inspect element option is on
  • Fixed – Allow self access to hidden paths to avoid cron errors on backup/migration plugins
  • Update – Add the Whitelist IP option in Security Level and allow the Whitelist IP addresses to pass login reCAPTCHA and hidden URLs
  • Update – Compatibility with LiteSpeed servers and last version of WordPress
  • Update – Add GeoIP flag in the Events log to see the IP country
  • Update – Add More security to XML RPC
  • Update – Compatibility with WP 6.1 Hide My WP Ghost
  • Update – Add the Brute Force protection on Register Form to prevent account spam

📅 MONTH: December 2022

  • Fixed – To remove the version from URL even if the ‘ver’ param doesn’t have any value
  • Fixed – Typo in Security Check

📅 MONTH: March 2023

  • Update – Compatibility with more plugins and themes
  • Update – Check the rewrite rules on WordPress Automatic updates too
  • Update – Remove the atom+xml meta from header
  • Update – Check the XML and TXT URI by REQUEST_URI to make sure the Sitemap and Robots URLs are identified
  • Update the security check when wp-content is customized
  • Update – Remove the noredirect param if the redirect is fixed
  • Update – Save all sections on backup restore
  • Update the File handle for login, signup, and logout
  • Update the compatibility with PHP 8.2
  • Update – Add the option to disable HMWP Ghost custom paths for the whitelisted IPs

📅 MONTH – April 2023

  • Fixed – Increased plugins speed on compatibility check
  • Update – UI & UX to guide the user into the recommended settings
  • Update – Compatibility with other plugins
  • Brute Force Protection on MemberPress
  • Brute Force Protection for Woocommerce
  • Brute Force Protection for Lost Password form
  • Fixed – My account link on multisite option
  • Update – Compatibility with the MemberPress plugin
  • Update – Brute Force protection on lost password form
  • Update – Add the option to check the frontend and prevent broken layouts on settings save
  • Update – Added the option to whitelist URLs
  • Update – Added the sub-option to show a white-screen on Inspect Element for desktop
  • Brute Force protection for Lost Password Page
  • Update – Added the options to hook the whitelisted/blacklisted IPs
  • Fixed – small bugs/typos / UI
  • Update – Compatibility with PHP 8 on Security Check
  • Update – Compatibility with WP 6.2
  • Fixed – Handle the physical custom paths for wp-content and uploads set by the site owner
  • Fixed – Compatibility with more plugins and themes
  • Update – Brute Force protection on Woocommerce (login, signup, lost password)
  • Fixed – Settings to verify the array values on settings saving process

📅 MONTH: May 2023

  • Whitelist IPs to provide your office space, for example, with the ability of working on your WP site with the usual admin paths.
  • Option to disable all HMWP features SOLELY for the users with IPs from the list of whitelisted IPs (for example: people from your office)
  • Whitelist Paths: If you have a PHP app that needs to run from a very specific path, then you can add its path to the whitelist for paths, in order to ensure that it will not get added to the rewrite layers.
  • Update – Security headers default values
  • Fixed – Common paths extensions check in settings
  • Update – File processing when the rules are not set correctly
  • Fixed – Reduce resource usage on 404 pages
  • Fixed – Compatibilities with the last versions of other plugins
  • Update – Compatibility with Avada when cache plugins are enabled
  • Update – Compatibility with Siteground
  • Update – Add compatibility for Cloud Panel servers
  • Update – Add the option to select the server type if it’s not detected by the server
  • Fixed – Remove the rewrites from the WordPress section when the plugin is deactivated
  • Fixed – User roles names display on Tweaks
  • Update – Compatibility with other plugins
  • Update – Add compatibility for CMP Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin by NiteoThemes plugin
  • Update – Add the option to add the rules between the WordPress rewrite rules on Apache/Litespeed servers
  • Fixed – Combined the Plugin Loading Hook into one option
  • Update – Added the user role “Other” for unknown user roles
  • Update – Sync the new login with the Cloud to keep a record of the new login path and safe URL
  • Update – Option to access the Custom Login Path and Safe URL from the Cloud App of Hide My WP to make it easier to remember
  • Update – Add the option to connect to the custom login path from Cloud
  • Update – Compatibility with WP 6.2.2
  • Fixed – Typos and small bugs

📅 MONTH: June 2023

  • Update – New login Path Visible inside the Cloud.
  • Fixed – Update checker to work with the latest WordPress version
  • Fixed – Hide wp-login.php path for WP Engine server with PHP > 7.0
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