How Learning About Keywords Got Zoli Clients Before He Was Even Ready

09 Oct 2019
| Last update: 24 Oct 2019

My Friend, Zoli.

I think it was easier for Kara Danvers to tell her friends that she is Supergirl, than it was for me to explain to my friends what our SEO product is and what we do.

“so you’re manually placing businesses on the first page of Google? Is that what you do?” – No… it’s not. Telling that for the millionth time does get a bit exhausting.

One of my friends (guiltiest of asking me all sorts of crazy things while trying to figure out exactly what SEO was), is Zoli. (comes from Zoltán, a Hungarian name).

He just couldn’t really understand. And that kept going for a while, even as we became better friends.

However, everything changed once he started thinking about a business he was willing to start. He’d gotten tired of the boring daily grind at the old job and saw an interesting opportunity. Some special type of paint job that ALMOST nobody in the world was doing.

He came to one of our offices and I sat down with him, happy that he’ll finally understand how SEO can get him customers.

Gave him an hour worth of explanations and ideas, after he explained more about the business model and what he was after.

That one hour (just one hour) of explanations … to a guy who literally knew nothing about landing pages, CRO, CTR, SEO, Ranking Factors, etc. – it changed his life.

And it changed something for me as well: finally one of my friends really understood what the thing was with this SEO.

He didn’t really get ALL of the crazy explanations I’d given him back then during that one hour. Maybe it was even two hours, or something.

None of this mattered, because he learned about Direct 1, Direct 2, Direct 3 and Direct 4 keywords from me.

It was enough to help him get a site that had content (very few pages) targeted at those keywords.

I told him it would take him somewhere about 4 months to rank, because I knew he wouldn’t do a lot of SEO work, since all he knows is basically from the short conversation we’ve had.

Zoli said it was all fine, since it’ll take him 3 months to get the business ready and to receive all the equipment he needed to get started if orders were to come in.

Surprise, surprise. Orders started coming in after 1 month. And he wasn’t even ready to serve them yet. They (his clients… people who had found his site online) were ready to pay. He didn’t have things ready yet. Zoli didn’t expect that.

When he told me, I was happy. I wasn’t actually surprised, because I’d spent TEN years now helping small businesses get off the ground. Most of the products I’ve ever created were to help people like Zoli make a living online, change their lives and work on things that they’re passionate about.

That’s why you see so many educational elements in the platform and via emails once you download Squirrly SEO, Starbox, or other plugins made by us.

Because education can make a huge difference.

Most of the things I told Zoli during our conversation can be seen if you take the 14 Days Journey to Better Ranking. There’s a lot more information there than Zoli had to get started.

And another part, one other important thing regarding the keyword research formula will soon be available on Education Cloud 2020, set to release this October.

Since 2009, I’ve been fascinated by the way information could be easily accessed by anyone and used to build solid businesses. I’ve had lots of mentors and advisers myself “growing up” in the business world.

It’s 2019. I’m super excited to pay it forward.

To help others succeed online.

I’ve already helped so many people in over 90 countries become SuperStars at digital marketing. Testimonials will follow in some of the next emails.

Some of them I didn’t publish, because they were too personal to the people we’ve helped, but those stories (and yours) make everything that we do amazing for us. It’s an incredible life to live, knowing that you can give people tools and knowledge and they end up building their own dreams and making the world an incredible place.

Never back down. Keep learning. Keep ranking.


PS: learning from me about how keyword research should be done with respect to level 1, 2 , 3 and 4 for keywords, Zoli found out that even though there were very few in the world offering the service, there was huge demand from people who were searching online for what he had to offer. He found his market. Actually, 3 big types (categories) of customers.

Some of the stuff he and his co-workers do (yup, he started hiring people now). They take ugly looking things and turn them into beautiful shiny objects. There’s also a picture from someone who had parts of his motorcycle painted by them.