Don’t Get Burnt by Missing Out – Hunt for Lifetime Access!

August is the Sunday of summer.

And unless you’re reading this message with sandy toes and the soothing melody of seagulls overhead, we bet you’re daydreaming about a palm-tree paradise complete with mojito refills. 🏖️🌴🍹

So we’re here to whoosh you off on an e-adventure!

We’ve hidden away a few secret codes across 3 popular destinations on our site, and we’re counting on your explorer spirit to discover them.

Now, what’s the reward, you ask?

Each code opens up LIFETIME access to a hot course inside Education Cloud PLUS by Squirrly.

⏰ The tide is rising, though… You’ll need to dive in quickly! The codes will be swept away in just 36 HOURS.

How to Find the Secret Codes and Win Lifetime Access? 

The codes are tucked away somewhere in these 3 exotic destinations:

1. The Knowledge Archipelago, where wisdom rides on the tropical breeze.

2. The Enchanted Lagoon of Learning, where every course has the power to open new horizons.

3. The Sunlit Isle of Insight, where treasures are as plentiful as beach pebbles.

^^ Think you can fish out ALL the codes, as well hidden as a pirate’s treasure?

Here’s an extra hint to help you on this hunt: the token you seek stands tall, offers a cool shade, and sways in the rhythm of the sea breeze. 🌴🏖️

Once you spot the symbol, click on it, and you’ll be whisked away to a page that reveals how to claim your well-deserved paradise prize.

Ready to set sail?

Put on your sunhat, grab your digital compass, and let’s add another chapter to your book of summer adventures!

Have fun!



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