Important Updates to Education Cloud PLUS

We’ve reached 1,000 Premium Pass members and Education Cloud PLUS keeps on growing.

We’ve been very focused on all the latest changes we’ve been making to our educational platform, since the new massive release from Q1 of 2022.

On the 30th of March 2022, we published the biggest update to the Education Cloud PLUS platform since its launch in Nov 2019.

We didn’t just add new courses. You can now find and engage with many new ways to learn.

And you can engage with many new ways to discover what you should learn next.

Login right now to see the changes.

The 30th March 2022 release was big.

1) Discovery Section

When you don’t know exactly what to learn next, the Discovery section is your best friend.

Find out:

  • what’s hot right now
  • what’s new
  • what’s coming soon to Education Cloud PLUS
  • recommendations made by our instructors
  • editor’s favorites
  • what’s popular among members of Education Cloud Premium Pass

2) Instructors

You can look at the Meet the Authors section of the brand new Education Cloud PLUS to read about the experience of each instructor and see why they’re perfect for teaching you each class that they teach.

We’ve gathered people who are teaching from their own personal experience, not blog posts and books.

Seven authors have contributed courses to Education Cloud PLUS Premium Pass.

3) Recommendations Engine

We’ve rebuilt the quizzes section and we added a recommendations engine to it.

Take any quiz right now, and based on your answers and your scores you will receive recommendations for the best courses to take, given your current level of knowledge.

It’s the best way to start improving your skills.

4) Many Course Subjects

In March of 2021, there were 22 Premium Courses inside Education Cloud PLUS.

With the 30th March 2022 update, there were 39 Premium Courses inside.

We cover the subjects that help entrepreneurs get customers from the Internet… and this includes:

  • startup / product validation, taught by an instructor who validated 29 SaaS, services, products and plugins with money paid by customers.
  • email marketing
  • ecommerce
  • making money by blogging
  • booking customer meetings using WordPress
  • affiliate marketing
  • buyer personas
  • using Canva
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Growth Hacking
  • Conversion Rate Optimizations
  • Website Security

5) My List

You can now find great courses using (1) and (3), so what are you going to do with the titles you found that were interesting?

add them to your List, so you can learn from them later.

You will find courses in your list, under the Continue Learning section.

6) My Learning Plan

This is a great feature, that our Premium Pass members have been super excited about!

It lets you select any lesson and sub-lesson and add it to a Custom Learning Plan that You Build.

It works cross-courses, so you can select anything from any course.

7) All Courses Section

You can use this section to find ALL courses from the platform, and also to filter via:

  • Topics (subjects)
  • Level of Difficulty
  • Skills you’ll learn
  • Format : audio, video, text, mixed format
  • Author / Instructor

I would say that “That was all, folks!” … but it’s far from it:

8) Audio, Video, Text Formats Now Available

We now have more video courses inside Premium Pass.

And we’ve added many new courses in HTML format, instead of the classic PDF formats.

You can now listen to some of the courses we have inside and it will work with the lockscreen on your phones.

9) Learn: read, listen, watch, from ANY Device. Switch devices whenever you want. Pick up where you left off.

We’ve worked a lot in 2022 to make Education Cloud PLUS work on your mobile phones and tablets.

You will now be able to learn at your own pace, from any device.

One More Thing:

It’s not over.

Here are more fixes and improvements we’ve released for you:

  • Fix: Register user progress properly when lesson has only one learning material inside
  • Fixes to the HTML display Modes, thanks to Premium Pass users feedback
  • Review pages and review site for courses inside Education Cloud PLUS. (check it out here >> )
  • Tested and improved Recover Password system and new email sender identification for recovery

Thanks for supporting Premium Pass. The benefits we build for you will be even bigger soon.

We’ve added our 40th course recently: working with a Multiple Domain SEO Strategy.

We will add one more soon about YouTube channels.

We’ve done MANY updates to Education Cloud PLUS since the release of 30th March 2022.

And you will get 2x new Learning Features very soon:

  • Learning Journeys (very very soon)
  • Card-based Learning Experience (we don’t know what to call it yet, but it does wonders for helping students learn better).

Education Cloud PLUS this year has turned into a full fledged EdTech (or EduTech) Software as a Service, where our focus is on building amazing new features for you to help you boost your skills.

Invest in your Success with Education Cloud PLUS. The Premium Pass will help you get Customers from the Internet.

See the list of available courses here and remember:

With a Premium Pass you get access to ALL future courses and ALL future features, without having to pay extras and without any price increases.




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