Introducing Squirrly’s Affiliate Program (version 2.0)

You’re an insider, so this new Partnership introduction will contain some secret numbers.

Introducing Squirrly’s Affiliate Program.  (version 2.0)

Squirrly's Affiliate Program

It has been tested for over 3 months with a hundred affiliates. Tracking works amazingly well and it offers our partners a lot of flexibility for how they can build campaigns and make money.

If you’ve ever wanted to become an affiliate for Squirrly SEO, Starbox, Squirrly SOCIAL, ContentLook, Squirrly SPY, this is the best moment for you. (details about materials and media kits and trainings you receive can be seen here)

The Good part: strong Company, great track record, product LTV of over $300 USD. Multiple products that are market validated with thousands of businesses in over 90 countries.

It’s like building up your own business in Software as a Service, without all the huge risk and failure. The biggest problem with creating a product is that it has over 90% chances of failing once it reaches the market.

By becoming an affiliate/partner today, you skip all the bad parts and get only to the good part: market the products, talk about them, write about them.

With just 10 new customers brought monthly, you can earn from $900 USD up to $2,160 USD / month. 

Since you probably have ways to get traffic to your site, reaching these numbers should be no big deal.

We pay recurring commissions: 30% every single month that your customer spends with us.

See the Affiliate Program’s Official Page.

See calculations for earnings.

See more info about LTV for Squirrly SEO and how it evolved. Back in the day it was only $90 USD / customer. Right now it’s way above $300 USD per customer, because we kept improving the product.

It’s important to remember:
– you’ll get media kits
– you get more than one product (already tested and market-validated) to recommend
– you’ll be working with creators of top marketing software

This summer: I will soon announce 70% Commissions.

That’s right. 70% recurring commissions for a limited time only. Let’s make this summer absolutely amazing.

We’ve just finished our #SpringPerformance massive company event, where we launched:

– Squirrly Social for the first time ever to ProductHunt
– Squirrly SEO 2019 (Strategy): official, global release
– 14 Days Journey – the best training program you’ll ever find for SEO
– Squirrly SPY – the one tool your competitors wish you never had.

A new special series of events for the Summer of 2019 (and also September 2019) will soon follow and if you join the affiliate program by then, you can get your commission level raised to 70% for a limited time.

We give you space to grow.