Invest in Your Success. Get Customers from the Internet.

When you invest in your success, we invest in your success. We’ve raised over $2 Million USD from our large community of paying customers and invested it in the technology which powers our entire world of world-class products for entrepreneurs.

When you buy a product from our store, you’re not just making a purchase. You’re making an investment in your success.

Our story started in 2010, when Florin and Calin saw that entrepreneurs were giving up on trying to get customers from the Internet, because entrepreneurs didn’t know how to invest. Most entrepreneurs didn’t know what they were supposed to do online, to attract clients.

Entrepreneurs, back then, thought if they started an online website, or an online store, they would become successful.

Both co-founders shared a passion for driving Customer Service and Customer Success to a state of excellence. They always went the extra mile to help customers become successful on the Internet, by providing coaching, monitoring, mentoring and educational content.

This drive they had (for excellence), made them shift focus from the Website Builder businesses they were leading and switched to crafting insanely great apps (web applications) that help entrepreneurs get customers from the internet.

Why? – because websites don’t bring customers. The software and the methods you use on your websites are the ones that lead to success.

Florin and Calin were the leaders of Cif2. It was a website builder that beat Wix, SquareSpace, and Weebly, and’s retention rates at that time by 300%, simply because the entrepreneurs in Cif2’s community became successful on the web, and managed to actually get Customers from the Internet. has always had incredibly poor retention. Only 1 person in 10 continued using the sites they created on the WP platform and the other platforms. Cif2 had 3 out of 10 people continuing, simply because they understood from Florin and Calin how to get customers to their sites. On WP it was just guess work. No guidance.

In order to focus on what only they could do: “help entrepreneurs get customers from the Internet”, the two founders moved their operations to the self-hosted version of WordPress.

They started the Squirrly Company in 2012 and reached profitability in their first 9 months on the market.

Why? – because their app [Squirrly SEO] actually DID bring customers. When an entrepreneur invested in Squirrly SEO, that entrepreneur started achieving results they never had before. Word got around and many entrepreneurs signed up for the premium plans.

It’s a legacy of excellence that has embodied all Squirrly products created ever since. (29 products and services validated with over 18,900 B2B clients world-wide)

When you purchase products in our store, you’re not just adding a set of fixed costs to your balance sheet.

You’re taking advantage of insanely great investment opportunities.

Some of our clients have generated revenues north of $40,000 USD / month while paying us just $200 USD / month. That means they’ve 200x’ed their investment. If that’s not a good investment, then I don’t know what is.

“Always win by helping others win” – has been at the CORE of everything we’ve done over the last decade.

Find your next best investment. All in our Store for Entrepreneurs. We’ll help you get Customers from the Internet.

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