Major Hide My WP Ghost Updates and Fixes You Should Know About

Over + 100K sites have been secured against hacker bots and spammers using Hide My WP Ghost by Squirrly.

Customers all around the world trust Hide My WP Ghost to secure their WordPress sites and add an extra of protection that other security tools and plugins don’t offer.

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We are always striving to improve Hide My WP Ghost to continue to meet customers’ expectations and ensure that as many users as possible have the best experience with it.

The recent changes we’ve made bring several fixes and enhancements which serve that exact purpose.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s included in the most recent Hide My WP Ghost package of improvements:

  • Tested/update compatibilities with more themes and plugins
  • Feature updates
  • Important fixes

For more details, please check out the complete list below:

Tested/Update Compatibilities with more themes and plugins

  • Update – Compatibility with Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode PRO
  • Update – Compatibility with Namecheap hosting
  • Update – Compatibility with
  • Update – Add compatibility with Elementor Builder plugin for WP Multisite
  • Add compatibility with LiteSpeed webp images
  • Update – Added compatibility with Backup Guard Plugin
  • Update – Prevent affecting the cron processes on Wordfence & changing the paths during the cron process
  • Update – Change the WP-Rocket cache files on all subsites for WP Multisite
  • Update – Fixed the menu hidden issue when other security plugins are active
  • Update – Compatibility with Login/Signup Popup plugin when Brute Force Google reCaptcha is activated
  • Update – Compatibility with Buy Me A Cofee plugin
  • Update – Compatibility with Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode PRO
  • Update – Compatibility with WPS Hide Login
  • Update – Security & Compatibility
    Update – Compatibility with Wordfence 2FA when reCaptcha is active
  • Update – Compatibility with Smush plugin

Feature Updates

  • Update – Added 7G Firewall option in Hide My WP > Change Paths > Firewall & Headers > Firewall Against Script Injection
  • Update – Added new option in Login Security: Hide the language switcher option on the login page
  • Update – Automatically add the CDN URL if WP_CONTENT_URL is set as a different domain
  • Update – New feature added to automatically redirect the logged users to the admin dashboard


  • Fixed the hidden URLs process
  • Fixed the site_url() and home_url() issue when they are different
  • Fixed the Change Paths for Logged Users issue
  • Fixed – Removed the ignore option from Nginx notification
  • Fixed – The Security check on install.php and upgrade.php files
  • Fixed – The Restore to default to remove the rules from the config file
  • Fix – Popup issue when Safe Mode or Ghost Mode is selected and other plugins are modifying the bootstrap javascript
  • Fix – 404 error on WordPress upgrade when access the file upgrade.php for logged users
  • Fix – Brute Force blocking Wordfence Cron Job
  • Fix – Infinit loop when POST action on unknown paths

Want to Know What Else Is on Our To-Do List for Hide My WP Ghost?

Hide My WP Ghost is a product that constantly evolves alongside our users’ needs.

An excellent way to keep track of what we are currently working on to make Hide My WP Ghost even better for you is to check out our Roadmap HERE >>

You can also vote on existing ideas, discuss them, or add your own feature requests. We always love hearing from you!

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