Make My Business Rank High in Google

As CEO of Squirrly I get this asked a lot: “Florin, make my business rank high in google. I’m using your Squirrly SEO Plugin. Can you do that for me?”

I’ve started writing more and more answers in our Knowledge Base, but I’ve also decided to write something about this on the blog.

When you say “make my business rank high in google” it’s amazingly easy for me to do that for you. Honestly. Ask me right now. I could make your business rank high in google in about 2 days. Maybe even faster.

You wanna know how?

Let’s say you have the business “Carpet Cleaners Industry” (that’s a funky name) and you tell me to rank your business. I’d look at your site first, to make sure you have a website for your business, otherwise what in the world am I going to rank …

Okay, so you have your site: (I do not know who owns this site in the real world).

I can now start ranking your business. Here’s what I will do:


[sqcta text=”Make My Business Rank High in Google – Start.” type=”header”  color=”blue” size=”25px”]

[sqcta text=”Let’s see what you have under the hood:” type=”bullet”  color=”yellow” cnt=”1″]

make my business rank high in google

a. I’d go to your WordPress Dashboard.

b. There, I would check that you have Squirrly SEO Installed. (you’d most probably have it, since you did ask me to do this for you)

c. I will look at your SEO Audit to see if all your SEO Settings are Okay. Hopefully, there’s a Green on all the SEO tab inside your Audit Suite from Squirrly. If it’s not, then this would create a delay in the process of ranking your page.

Awesome! Everything under the hood is now fine.

[sqcta text=”Since you have good SEO in your Audit from Squirrly, let’s move on to creating an optimized page.” type=”bullet”  color=”yellow” cnt=”2″]

squirrly seo 2017 launch

a. I’d go to WordPress -> Add New Post

b. I’d place the keyword: “CarpetinioLocco” in the Optimize for Keyword section of the Squirrly SEO Live Assistant which loads up in your Add New Post interface.

c. I’d write a 500 words article that is fully optimized with the Squirrly SEO Live Assistant. (it can be a page or an article, whatever).

d. I’d publish it.

[sqcta text=”Let’s get the robots onto it.” type=”bullet”  color=”yellow” cnt=”3″]

make my business rank high in google

a. I’d choose or

b. Actually I might just choose

The stuff right here will go and tell Google it needs to index new stuff for me.

Of course, I could easily just use the Search Console from Google and ask them nicely to index one more URL from my site.

Oh, you know what? Don’t even bother with Step number 3, because if you have Squirrly SEO installed it will do this for you automatically. Just have this setting turned to YES.

squirrly seo rank high in goole


[sqcta text=”Make My Business Rank High In Google – Job Done. In about 2 days” type=”header”  color=”blue” size=”25px”]

Yay! Your “amazing” business website called “” is now on position #1 on with the new page I’ve just created for you.

You had great SEO structure, as the Audit suggested, you now have a 100% optimized web page and you told the crawlers about it.

Congrats, you’re ranking #1 on Google for “CarpetinioLocco”. Are you excited?

NO !! You are not.


[sqcta text=”Happiness?” type=”header”  color=”blue” size=”25px”]

“Florin, when I said Make My Business Rank High In Google, this is not what I had in mind?”

– No? But that’s what you told me. Okay, we’re getting somewhere .. (Finally!)

– Yes, well I want to rank high in Google for “carpet cleaners”.

– Really? For “carpet cleaners”? With

– Yes, can you do it or not?

– Dear friend, the reason we’ve created Squirrly SEO is to help you do that. What you immediately need to understand is that you need a solid strategy if you’re ever going to rank for that keyword.


[sqcta text=”Make My Business Rank High in Google – What You Should Do” type=”header”  color=”blue” size=”25px”]

Okay, so obviously anyone can rank things in Google.

The question is: What should they rank?

Well, a site that has 0 (zero) authority and it’s over 1 Million in Alexa will never ever ever rank high in google for “carpet cleaners”

Just use the Keyword Research tool from Squirrly. Find out if YOUR particular website can rank for it.

Here’s a video to help you figure out the keyword research tool and pick keywords that you can actually work with.

One easy answer for you:

– pick a keyword that is Easy to Rank for (with your site) and which is trending and has a good search volume.

Then, do the previous 3 steps that I’ve done in this blog post.

If that isn’t enough to rank your new keyword high in google, then start getting some white hat and clever links back to that post.

Or share it a lot on social media. Make the page shared a lot on different platforms.


[sqcta text=”After you do all this, you will finally have a page ranking high in Google for something that:” type=”header”  color=”blue” size=”25px”]

[sqcta text=”

Brings you traffic (because the trend is good and people keep searching for it)

You can afford (you don’t have to build thousands of white hat links to it; the PR effort would cost too much)

Makes sense for your business. Your offer and your page can match the intent of the person who searched on Google for that keyword.

” type=”lite”  color=”yellow”]


I hope this post inspires you to do better. To be a better marketer and think a lot more about your strategies and the things you wish to achieve.

You need to have a really good picture in mind of what you’re trying to accomplish. Just saying stuff like “make my business rank high in Google” will not cut it.

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