As They Said it: Why People LOVE the Next SEO Goals Feature from Squirrly

16 Aug 2021

People are talking about Next SEO Goals. Here’s what they’re saying:

We built the Next SEO Goals system in Squirrly SEO so that anyone, regardless of their level of SEO knowledge and expertise, would know exactly what actions to take in order to drive bigger SEO results from fewer activities.

Every day, you get a few goals to focus on, alongside step-by-step instructions on how to complete them.

These goals represent the fastest way to the first page of Google – personalized for your site.

And here’s why people love this feature from Squirrly.

❤️ Aliff loves it because it takes the guesswork out of WordPress SEO

❤️ Kyle loves it because it gives him actionable insights and a step-by-step plan 

❤️ Marius loves it because it helps even SEO newbies achieve great results

❤️Jitin loves it because it enables him to learn more about how SEO really works


Discover more about how YOU can start making the most out of this feature from Squirrly 

Using Next SEO Goals will help you create a more effective workflow – enabling you to save precious hours by focusing on the right SEO tasks – at the best time.

Check out our comprehensive guide to learn more about this feature from Squirrly today.




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