Instagram NOW! Post Directly from Squirrly Social to Your Instagram Business Page

18 Mar 2021
| Last update: 11 May 2021

Instagram App from Squirrly Social approved last week by Instagram and Facebook.? 

Our brand new app has finally been approved by Instagram’s team and then Facebook’s team.

Approval happened last week and we tested it some more before bringing it to you today!

Connect your Instagram Business Page to Squirrly Social and post directly from Squirrly Social to your Business Page on Instagram.

Remember that you can use the brand new Designer Tool from Squirrly Social 2021 to create perfectly-sized images for Instagram feeds.

Also: the designer tool allows you to search for many copyright-free images, just like the Blogging Assistant does inside Squirrly SEO.

Squirrly Social is also sold separately by US as Publishers as an employee advocacy tool for corporations, under the name of CoSend io.

Scott is our Team Leader for Squirrly Social and his team has worked a lot on getting this ready.

We’ve tried tons of different options to get Instagram working again after Buffer was stopped by Facebook.

So, the integration now uses our custom-built tech.

We no longer rely on third parties.

CoSend io and Social Connect Gateway are our own tools, used to help us get content from within Squirrly Social’s planning tools and calendars directly to each social media profile.

Please note:

  • ONLY Instagram Business Pages connected to a Business account on Facebook can be connected;

  • A maximum of 25 posts in a rolling 24 hour period can be sent (our system will reject any attempts to send more than this)

  • This integration is for professional purposes only – as you know, this approval process has taken us years to achieve and we need to be careful with keeping a good relationship between Squirrly and Instagram / Facebook.

Login here. And Connect.