Squirrly Social: Important Updates and Status

28 Aug 2018
| Last update: 22 Apr 2019


I wanted to send out updates today regarding our new Google Plus integration (already Live) and the up-coming Google My Business and Pinterest Integrations.

Also, here’s the guide for making any new post from your WordPress go directly to your Social Media Profiles, without any clicks.

Instagram has been on-hold since May due to Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica problems

Facebook had other plans though:

In May 2018, we had to re-submit the Social Connect Gateway app (which we use for posting to Facebook).

We made our first re-approval request back in May when Facebook got pulled up for privacy issues in America – this was a bit of a false emergency, some of the permissions had been removed but fortunately they didn’t affect what we needed

It was approved in June 2018 and then again re-approved in 20th of July 2018 (the latest version). We had re-submitted for approval due to the domain link.

I know this because the link was pointing to a wrong domain name, before the 20th of July re-release of our Facebook app. Then it was all perfect after that approval.

This morning: Facebook decided to re-review again, as per the latest news of them shutting down hundreds of thousands of apps. This shouldn’t have happened since we did submit for re-approval way before 1 August. They should not have touched OUR app.

I looked at the activity of the Facebook reviewer and they didn’t actually go through the full testing process – they followed the instructions up to adding a profile but didn’t actually bother to test sending a post, yet in their review they mention the reason for rejection was that we didn’t show a post on a Facebook page (which isn’t true).

It seems the reviewer didn’t do their job properly, and the result is the current situation. 

Every app is affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal that Facebook had. Their CEO just lost 15 Billion USD a couple of days ago due to FB’s drop in shares due to Analytica and others.


Today, out of the blue they shut down access for Hundreds of Thousands of Apps. (this news is covered by MarTech and Mashable)


Due to that reviewer’s mistake, our own app is now part of the purge.

Next Actions: what can Squirrly do?

– we’ve re-submitted the app (again!!!). We received confirmation, but they’re saying it can take from 3 days to 7 weeks.
– I tried to make the FB employee take ownership and discuss with the other devs and product people from their company about the fact that we HAD already been re-approved, but Facebook being Facebook, it was easier for them to ignore my request.

– if you want a full refund for all the time spent with Squirrly Social, I can do that for you. Just email me at [email protected] (it’s my personal email)

– Squirrly Social continues to work with: Twitter, LinkedIN, Google Plus (profiles from G Suite accounts, as per Google rules) and will soon add the next ones mentioned in the first part of the email.