How inbound marketing really works

Here at Squirrly we are trying to make you understand how important it is for your inbound marketing strategy to realise what you want to offer and create amazing quality content. And for that to actually work we have explain over time the SEO principles and how to implement them better, how to identify and appeal to your […]

The Inbound Marketing Journey into Dark Waters

As many have described it before the inbound marketing is a journey or a process, not a final destination. Recommended it should be a continues adventure on the always changing water of SEO. Pretty much as a pirates journey on the Dark Waters, where you try to be on the Giants good graces as much […]

Raising the inbound marketing generation

When changing your perspective from the classic marketing strategy and moving to the inbound marketing approach, many companies choose to use an agency. The problem is that the companies don’t necessary understand the whole approach of the new marketing and take it more as a check list at first. So they come with punctual requirements […]

Google’s voice in inbound marketing

Remember how in Dexter’s Lab, computer had a voice and it answered to all the commands that Dexter gave? I remember the episode were he had to turn her down ? There is no inbound marketing needed for me to want that product. When I hear about Google’s beta on Android Central version for Google […]

Link build your way through inbound marketing

Your link building strategy is important for actually getting your site to the inbound marketing level you need it to be. This strategy has actually two aspects for why it is important. On one hand because Google loves articles that connect through more sites and many channel, but also because any audience appreciates problem solvers. […]

The Young Blood Chronicles: How Fall Out Boy Rocks Inbound Marketing

Fall Out Boy has always been a rock band that tried to stand out. With their new video series (The Young Blood Chronicles) they are putting their fresh creative vision to inbound marketing use. They have always known through out the years how to create not just addictive songs but also memorable videos, making their […]

Guest Blogging – part of the inbound marketing master plan

It is generally accepted that Guest Blogging is one of the steps that should be included in any business that has an inbound marketing strategy. This concept helps you achieve your target and establish what and for whom you write. Because you have to explain it better to other people and make that the criteria […]

The inbound marketing manual for Google+

Sincerely, what was your first impression of Google+ as a inbound marketing tool? And don’t tell me that you don’t have an account cause if you have a Gmail address by default you have a Google+ account as well. You might have never used it until now, but the first though most people have when […]

Inbound marketing, the hero you need and actually deserve

Inbound Marketing, a brief history 13 years ago you couldn’t even guess how big inbound marketing was going to be. You were barely getting your head around outbound marketing. It was this exclusive club that only big players had access to. They paid top money to reach customers (both new and old). Tv Ads, billboards, direct […]

How I Added Twitter Cards in My WordPress for Better Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing involves a lot of publishing and it’s good to start doing it like the best publishers in the industry. In this short tutorial, I want to show you how I added the Twitter Cards to my WordPress site. First of all, I used Squirrly SEO, of course. Don’t worry, the Twitter Cards option of it […]

Replace Yourself With AI

Start unlocking the full potential of AI technology with 249 genius ways to use ChatGPT for Digital Marketing.