3 Ways Video Marketing Is Changing Social Media in 2015

Social media is changing in 2015. There is hardly any doubt about that. What started as an essential online medium trying its best to connect and bring people together from all over the world is now rapidly changing into a potent medium for e-commerce, especially when it comes to the video marketing industry. It’s mostly […]

20 Minute Daily Social Media Marketing Strategy

How do you keep up with your social media marketing strategy every single day? We all have days where it feels like there’s just not enough time to get every single thing done. When these days occur we usually prioritize what needs to be done, hence leaving some things out. One of the biggest things […]

Why Do People Want to See Active Social Media Accounts for Your Start-up?

Social Media and the Monkey See – Monkey Do Effect Monkeys are known for copying what they see others do. Social media is the antagonist for every single thing that trends. People see other people talking, ‘liking,’ and sharing, so they do it, too. This is what starts trends, builds momentum, and establishes authority. It […]

Why Video marketing on Social Media is a Tactic That You Need to Apply

You Gotta See This Social video is hotter than the bulb in your grandfather’s Super 8 projector. Social media reaches over a third of the entire global population-this reach is enormous. The chances of your target audience not being part of a social media network are getting smaller every day. Late 2013 and the first […]

How to pop out in Social Media with your links

You’ve seen them. I’ve seen them. It’s all over social media It’s the new Facebook way of delivering content. And so far it’s gaining a lot of traction. What’s even more surprising is that the sky isn’t falling. People usually dislike change. Especially design changes. Last time Facebook did their page overhaul, all the web […]



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