The Rank Show: Episode 5

26 Sep 2019
| Last update: 03 Oct 2019

Over 5,000 Business Owners and Marketers Have Purchased the PRO version of Squirrly SEO for this Focus Pages Method

We’ve sold over 6,455 subscriptions (note) in over 90 countries already for ALL the products created by our Company. 5,000 of those were for the premium versions of Squirrly SEO (note 2).

Ever since we launched the Focus Pages system, there have been many success stories from people who finally managed to understand how they can get search engine traffic.

Of course, over these last few days, you’ve closely watched “The Rank Show” series of episodes, which was basically just me covering the content written in July and August on ChiefContent . com. I had to show you that, because I found it super useful.

It’s what they’ve used to get their WordPress site seen on search engines AND visited by people who were searching for what they had to offer.

Results, results, results. I don’t even have to talk about them. Take it from the team of Servicii app:

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All about success with the Focus Pages method.

You’ve seen how hard they’ve struggled.

You saw how they HAD to listen to Squirrly SEO in order to get to amazing results.

Now go and see their results.

Today is the Premiere (on Youtube) for the Focus Pages video I’ve just finished making.

Watch the New Video

I’ve worked a lot with my whole team on scripting this video, because the Focus Pages system is very complex.

I mean just look how many words we’ve written about it on our site.

It’s not easy to take something that has never been done before and present it in a few words.

Luckily, I’ve managed that with the video.

I’ve said it over the years: the amount of data on which Squirrly SEO sits on is breath-taking, because of the MarketIntelligence feature which powers it. Using all that power to build this successful Focus Pages feature into the product was not an easy job.

Go ahead today and use it.

In all the previous episodes you’ve learned how to work with the feature from people who have actually made it work for them and bring them results like they’ve never had before.



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