The Shopify App With the Best Valentine’s Day Love Story – Yes, SEO App by Squirrly

13 Feb 2019

our special seo strategy for thin content

The last few days we’ve had the online magazine for Content Marketing professionals, called ChiefContent, feature our SEO App by Squirrly.


They fell deeply in love with the love story that our meisters crafted for our Shopify SEO App.

Our marketing team decided to try something cool for Valentine’s Day to get the word out about the app and we’re really excited that the story was deemed worthy of being featured on email lists and blog posts.

What’s the love story?

Read it here.

Now, if you’re interested in seeing all the reasons why ChiefContent decided to write a post about it, I can summarize it shortly:

  • the timing (V-Day tomorrow guys, don’t forget! or you’ll have things thrown at you)
  • the story
  • the visuals
  • the way it perfectly blends with the desires of the target market

For the full post, go in read it here.