How to Turn Your Titles into Click Magnets (EASY!)

Imagine your web page is a star on a talent show.

Every time it appears in search results, it’s like getting on stage.

The number of clicks it receives? That’s the audience applause! And we all know, the louder the applause (or higher the click-through rate), the better the performance.

You see, even if you’re ranking #3 or #4 on Google, if your headline is the one everyone’s clicking on, you’re totally stealing the show (and winning that traffic).

Plus, your listing is likely to move up anyway if searchers keep clicking on it.

Now, to get clicks, you need a great title. And what is a great title? It’s a title that matches what your target audience is searching for.

🚀 Need Help with Writing Click-worthy Headlines? Try this 30s Hack: 

1️⃣ Write your title – just as you usually would.

2️⃣ Then pop it into Google (super important!)

3️⃣ Go down into the related searches section. This will help you get the mentality of what people are actually looking for.

4️⃣ Rewrite your generic headline so that it’s more specific and matches what the searchers really want, and are probably NOT finding.

Here’s an Example: 

Let’s say you’re writing an article titled: “How to Build a Bird Box”.

A quick peek at related searches might reveal something like: “how to build a bird box out of recycled materials.”

Aha! Lightbulb moment. 🌟 Folks are yearning to DIY a bird sanctuary with stuff they’ve got lying around (as opposed to pre-packaged components, for example).

So, you could re-write your title like this: “How to Build a Bird Box Out of Recycled Materials: Full Tutorial.”

And just like that, every eco-friendly bird lover is gonna beeline for your article – even if there are a few others higher up that just read How to Build a Bird Box. 

Give it a shot the next time you’re crafting a headline!

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