Valentine’s Day Game: Guess which Keyword Is More Popular!

12 Feb 2021
| Last update: 12 Mar 2021

How do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

Is it by eating all the heart-shaped candy you can get your hands on and watching cheesy romantic comedies on Netflix? Perhaps you plan on treating yourself to a nice bottle of wine?

All of that sounds pretty amazing, but if you’re looking to also add a bit of a challenge into the mix, we have one more recommendation for you. (especially since Content Marketing is something we all like, right?).

Put your intuition to the test with this fun Valentine’s Day Game >>

🎲 How to Play: 

The rules are simple:

For each pair of keywords you see, click on the one you think Google users search for the most. You’ll find out if you guessed right instantly.

Click here to START PLAYING >>

Why You’ll 💖 it: 

First of all, it’s unexpected.

Playing the game, you’ll see it’s not always easy to guess which keywords are most popular. The results may surprise you. In some cases, they may even make you doubt your instincts.

Someone on our team (won’t name any names to spare them the public embarrassment) only got 4 out of 13 answers right. Nope, it wasn’t me..

See if you can beat that score >>

This game is not only fun to play, though. It also gets you thinking and makes learning about content marketing and SEO feel fresh and exciting.

Dare-say, it’s actually a productive distraction. (perfect for a 5-minute, guilt-free break from work)

So, curious to see how many times you’ll be able to guess which keyword is more popular?👀

Chocolate truffles OR Chocolate dipped strawberries? Tinder OR Bumble?

P.S. This is a web page-based game (opens in your browser). No download required. Play it on desktop to enjoy all the LOVE-ly graphics that look like they were designed by Cupid himself.