Faster, Easier, Assisted: Welcome to Business 3.0!

Back in 2010, I predicted the rise of Business 3.0.

I imagined a world where digital assets wouldn’t simply exist but actually ‘communicate’, indicating issues and proposing solutions to complex problems.

It was all about creating a new era where businesses could operate smarter and more efficiently.

13 years ago, that idea sounded more like the plot for a sci-fi movie rather than something that could exist in real life.

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Thanks to the advent of AI and machine learning, this dream of making technology communicate with users is rapidly becoming our reality.

Our recent release of the first batch of AI Digital Assistants for marketing at Squirrly is a step into this future.

These digital assistants embody the principles of Business 3.0, processing vast amounts of data, guiding business owners, and providing actionable insights to ensure successful navigation of the digital landscape.

And they have been the talk of the media and the blogosphere lately, featured everywhere from top tech blogs to media outlets.

There’s an infographic we’ve put together that gives you a glimpse into how these assistants are creating a buzz in the world of business and marketing.

Take a look:

📢 [Infographic] All Eyes on Squirrly’s AI Digital Assistants for Marketing >>

Experience the Power of Squirrly’s Digital Assistants firsthand!

With Squirrly SEO, you can have a trusty team of digital assistants tirelessly working for you, offering you insights and guiding your steps towards the 1st page of Google.

These assistants are there to generate tailor-made GOALS for you, provide real-time feedback, uncover SEO issues, help you craft perfectly-optimized content, and more.

All without a break, without vacation time, and without needing that second cup of coffee.

We have more digital assistants powering some of the other products inside our Store for Entrepreneurs as well.

Squirrly is currently focusing on the marketing side of Business 3.0, but this is just the starting point.

We’re excited about this journey we’ve embarked on, and even more excited to have you with us as we navigate the uncharted waters of Business 3.0. 

Thank you for being part of this amazing journey, and for your continued support of Squirrly.

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