What’s New in Squirrly SEO? Discover the Latest Updates

You’ve most probably seen many of the updates we’ve made in 2023 already to our Squirrly SEO product.

However, we’ve made quite a few.

If you want to learn more about what we’ve already completed and also what we are working on right now, you’re reading the right article.

I’m excited to tell you more about what’s been keeping us busy lately.

Redirects Manager, for example, is almost ready for public view.

We’re using it on some sites already.

We also created an AI inside the SEO Live Assistant by Squirrly.

However, after more tests and considerations (this was before ChatGPT was on the OpenAI API), we found a better way to serve our audiences with the power of AI, as it can be used for much more than just creating new content.

Many helpful ways to help with all kinds of marketing aspects for all channels, not just Content and SEO.

More details about our two new AI projects coming soon, I promise.

2023 started with:

404 Monitor discussed here.

We’ve announced the new Awards for Squirrly SEO here and discussed more changes with the community.

Big updates since then:

  • Index Now
  • Google Indexing API
  • Many updates to the systems which allow us to provide Keyword Research
  • Many updates and re-iterations for the systems which power: SERP Checker by Squirrly, Focus Pages, and the Audits
  • Changes to Briefcase, to make keywords load faster when users have big collections with many labels
  • Filter Option in Briefcase to only show keywords which haven’t been labelled yet
  • Beaver Builder SEO on the front-end
  • Gutenberg Editor: have options to add No-Follow or Sponsored informations on links when selecting text to add links
  • Same for Elementor with follow and sponsored on link edit
  • We added the AI Consultant info in the Overview section of Squirrly SEO, to make it easier to find and understand how to use

Squirrly SEO is a very BIG project and we’re constantly working and updating plugin security, doing maintenance, making it compatible, etc.

But the SaaS side of Squirrly SEO is actually the BIG part of it, and many updates + better code are being deployed which will improve the experience in the future.

These updates are very time consuming, but they are necessary.

The time it took to process audits and send and receive information internally across our services (the services which power the features) was not ideal and couldn’t be post-poned.

Where can you see all the updates?

Of course, what I wrote here were not the only updates we’ve made.

There you can watch a video that shows how you can use our roadmap and how to interact with the updates.

This is important for us, because YOU, our community, have been incredible and we love receiving your ideas and feedback.

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