Edtech Solutions Described:

Technology enhances many of the important things we need to do with our lives, including Education and educating ourselves.

There are those who teach and those who learn. Sometimes they teach, and sometimes they learn.

That’s why the Squirrly Company felt it’s truly important to give them both their own insanely great edtech.

Education Cloud PLUS

When You Need to LEARN.

Learning Solutions

When You Need to TEACH.

Technology for Education is all the rage in the London Startups scene these days.

Some of the investors and partners we talk to think that is the reason why we’ve entered this industry ourselves.

It is not.

Teaching others has always been a fundamental part of what Squirrly does in the world.

London Edtech for the Win!

At the moment, we offer over 40 courses on Education Cloud PLUS with over 500 lessons in total.

Some of these courses have been re-iterated and grown for over 6 years.

It was about time we decided to use our own Learning Solutions by Squirrly product to launch our very own Education service.

Yes! Our very own “Netflix for Marketing Education”, our Education Cloud PLUS platform is completely built on an Edtech Platform developed by the Squirrly Company.

Learning Solutions by Squirrly is used by some pretty big corporations to train thousands of employees.

Edtech features for Learning Solutions include:

Even though London has over 500 education technology startups, our will surely make one of the greatest impacts yet.

We’ve started our company in the United Kingdom because we wanted to make a difference world-wide.

We’ll keep creating insanely great software and products to expand our reach and help more customers.

There’s nothing more satisfying for our team and our partners, then the opportunity we’ve created for trying out new tech that brings great value to others around the world.

Why is Edtech so important for the Squirrly Company?

The Squirrly Software is the heir and successor to the King Makers of old.

We build insanely great software for the Next Queens and Kings of the WWW.

By teaching people, we give them the opportunity to grow, so that we may help them become the next Queens and Kings of the WWW when they are ready. Before that stage, and in order to REACH that stage, they need to learn and grow.

And with Learning Solutions by Squirrly, we love that we can help other companies teach more people, to make our edtech solutions all the more impactful in the World.

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