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The Squirrly Company offers many impressive tools and Software as a Service to choose from.

Our aim is to help you become always found:

– on search engines
– on social media feeds
– within your blog posts (by showcasing each author’s bio and social profiles)
– in your industry (by giving you SPY reports to gain an edge over competitors)
– by using professional content marketing.

Squirly is actually a typo for the official (trademark name): Squirrly.

Being world-class experts on SEO and content marketing, we’ve decided to prepare this page for you, so you can always easily find us and our insanely great products.

If you haven’t been on our site for a while, you might be happy to know that 6,455 Businesses all over the globe are now our customers and they pay subscriptions for our software.

Squirly SEO has recently reached 5,000 paid subscriptions, and our tools like Starbox PRO, Education Cloud 2020, Squirrly Social have also garnered much attention from our customer base.

Starbox PRO


Education Cloud

learning solutions by squirrly

Learning Solutions

As you can see, Squirrely has been pretty busy developing impressive solutions for all your business needs.

That’s why this year, we even went on to create Learning Solutions, through which thousands of employees working in Pharma and Constructions are now learning everything they need to work better.

Education Cloud 2020 has been a great addition, and our customers loved seeing our “Netflix for Education”.

Basically with the latest products, we’ve entered the EdTech space. Squirly is now in a pretty good position to become your favorite software provider.

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