OneGeek is our e-commerce brand for Geek Items that we deliver from Japan and China to the U.S.

50% of the margins from the e-commerce store go to helping children in need and school teachers who can’t afford:

That are necessary to teach children and to make a real impact on their horizons and their personal development.

Some of the kids we help through these programs come from very low-income households, who can barely afford to pay meals for their children, let alone offer them all they need to get real education.

We want to see these children succeed and we’re happy that through the purchases you make on OneGeek, we can make a real impact.

We team up with and different teachers vetted by DonorsChoose and handpicked by our CSR team at Squirrly.

Also, OneGeek celebrates the amazing geek culture that has taken the world by storm and help customers express their love for different Series, Shows, Comic Books, Anime, Mangas. We help the product creators and distributors get enough eyeballs on these fantastic geek items they create.

Marketing is in our blood at the Squirrly Company and we’re using everything we’ve learned since 2012 about building online businesses to:

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