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YES, the RankJumps service was specifically designed to help WordPress site owners achieve top Google rankings.

We offer a monthly plan, so the minimum commitment period is 1 month and you are free to cancel our service at any time.

Our work always starts with a thorough website audit, which begins as soon as we receive access to your website’s dashboard. This will help us better understand your website’s current state from a technical and SEO perspective. 

As soon as that’s done, we’ll begin working on the following:

  • Full website speed and score optimization (vital for SEO).
  • Documenting possible improvements from a usability standpoint.
  • Creating SEO status reports for three of your main competitors (including backlinks, duplicate meta’s, social signals, keywords and more)
  • Analysing the current website metrics and audience specifics
  • Technical SEO configuration through both automated and manual processes.

By the end of the month, you will receive a comprehensive report for each of the actions listed above. We’ll keep you updated as we go and notify you every time we upload a report.

After the 12 weeks, we can continue the process of refining and scaling, more exactly, to work on other Focus Pages, and make necessary changes to make sure that the ranked pages keep their positions.

Once we fix and rank your site, we are going to hand you back the control. But not before making sure that your pages will organically stay ranked. However, if needed or wanted, the collaboration can continue after the 12 weeks and we can help you further extend your SEO strategy.

You will start seeing improvements from the first week of the optimization process we start.

We’ll keep you up to date at all times, providing detailed reports of your website’s progress. Your website will start its final sprint to the first page of Google after we build and fully optimize your focus pages, around the second month.

There isn’t an exact timeframe for ranking. It depends on a lot of factors and the website itself.

The first steps which involve conducting a technical audit of the website and starting to fix the issues we found will influence the amount of time it will take your site to start ranking. If there are not many problems with the site, it will help to speed up the process.

Yes, every project has an assigned team. The types of experts working on your site will depend on the results of the site analysis we do during the first month. 

Depending on your site’s needs, setting your site up for success can involve a designer, a developer, copywriters and SEO experts working on your project. 

Sometimes we will have to re-design your entire site, or create more landing pages, or change the mobile design of the website. It depends a lot from customer to customer.

Even though we tailor the experience to each customer, everyone pays the same monthly fee and we won’t charge you extras you don’t need.

Absolutely! Our service works for sites in all industries and niches.

We’ve worked with clients in many different niches such as: entertainment and recreation, accounting, and legal services.

We are able to serve sites of all sizes. So, whether your site has a large number of pages or you have a new site, you will be able to benefit from the SEO services that we provide. 

WordPress is usually filled with coding errors, JavaScript issues, bad loading times, lack of caching, problematic resources loading site-wide (instead of loading localized – where it’s actually needed). Solving these problems and building a strong website core, represents an essential step in proper SEO optimization.

Yes, this may be a good strategy for certain clients. Best part: after 3 Months since we’ve created your first Focus Page, we can provide an assessment and suggest a plan based on your needs and goals.  

For example, clients who want to keep expanding their online visibility and rank for more keywords would benefit from continuing their collaboration with us. 

However, if a client is satisfied with the number of keywords they rank for after 3 months of working with us, using the Business Plan from Squirrly for maintenance and to monitor performance can be a great option. From the SERP Checker and the SEO Audit, clients will get to know how well their previous focus pages keep performing. 

The Focus Pages we’ve ranked will also keep bringing in traffic, so those clients will still compound a lot of organic visits over time.

Right away! After your purchase is confirmed, you will receive an email with an onboarding form for the initial brief. We’ll start by conducting an initial audit of your site as soon as you grant us access to your WordPress dashboard.

As  soon as you sign up, you’ll receive an email with an onboarding form for the initial brief.  

During this stage, we’ll ask you to provide us with more details about your business that we need to start the optimization process. Our team will then perform the initial audit to determine your website’s current performance status.

We don’t usually include a set up call, but we can surely arrange that if this is something that would add value to your RankJumps experience.

We will analyze everything during the first month, when we set you up for Success with Power Core. 

That will show us if we need to involve a designer, a developer, copywriters and SEO experts to increase your speed, fix JavaScript or caching issues, or if we need to make major modifications to your WordPress site.

Great SEO is a holistic process that takes everything into account. A developer can help with repairing technical WordPress problems, they can help fix issues related to how everything looks (especially your landing pages and the Focus Pages our team will create). 

And they will help with technical SEO as well, the kind that may be a little too geeky for business owners and site owners to handle.

A Designer will help our team when we need to modify everything in WordPress and re-design some of the most important parts.

It will depend on what our Team Lead for Rank Jumps discusses with you and according to your needs. We have customers for whom we create both types.

Yes, we will help with the mobile version and we will also suggest UI and UX improvements which our team can perform for you if you agree – at NO additional costs.

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