From the tech stuff, to keyword research and on-page SEO, we’ve got everything covered!

What’s Included:

One WordPress Site

$1,200 USD / month

Work on one WordPress site

Detailed report describing your site’s current status and weaknesses

Fixed issues and added improvements reports

Full website speed optimization

Traffic Health report

Technical SEO configuration

Detailed user persona profiles


Competitor analysis reports


Keyword research & selection

Perfectly calibrated landing pages (or blog posts, depending on what you need)

Performance reports for each individual Focus Page


+ Any other necessary improvements needed to build the Power Core for your site

More About What’s Included in our SEO Services

At RankJumps, we use a wide range of proven SEO techniques and develop customized strategies for every business we partner with.

But even though we tailor the experience to each customer, everyone pays the same monthly fee and we won’t charge you extras you don’t need.

Scroll down to learn more about the complex SEO services that our team of experts provides:


On-page optimization

SEO links configuration

Inner Links

SEO settings configuration

Image optimization

On-page SEO METAs

Website Icon (Favicon)

Schema implementation (JSON-LD)

Open Graph implementation

Twitter Card implementation

Analyses of 113 ranking factors for every Focus Page

Improve usability

Topic Suggestions

Professional copy

High-quality, long form content

Automatic and Manual SEO Configuration for different post types

Performance reports for each Focus Page we create for you

Duplicate content analysis

Keyword research & selection

Robots.txt optimization

XML sitemap creation

Competitor backlinks analysis

Google Analytics traffic analysis

Rankings monitoring and analysis

Ongoing traffic and keyword ranking reporting

Competitor Keywords reporting

Custom visibility rules (when needed)

Traffic by source analysis

Progressive optimization to get more keywords ranked for your site

Social Signals

User experience reporting (bounce rate, etc.)

3 Competitor SEO Analysis Reports


Technical SEO Report

Fixed Issues and Added Improvements Report

Website Speed Optimization Report

Technical SEO Configuration Report

Suggested Improvements Report (Design and Functionality)

Traffic Health and UX Specifics Report

3 Buyer Persona Profiles

Squirrly SEO Plugin access
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