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You can see Who Wrote About the Squirrly SEO Plugin.

squirrly review

You can see What they Wrote about it and how happy they were with the Squirrly experience.

Experts in online marketing have tested Squirrly and wrote their oppinion about it. This here page highlights them, so that you can see what the Squirrly SEO Plugin is all about 🙂

Squirrly Review by Neil Patel, co-founder of KissMetrics and CrazyEgg.

Neil made a great video on how to start using Squirrly to maximize the readership of your WordPress Site.

Since he built two awesome companies and since the KissMetrics blog is an authority in the seo and content marketing fields, it was great honor. More than that, through QuickSprout, he helped big companies like TechCrunch get big increases of traffic, just by fixing their SEO.

So what did the other internet marketers write about this software?

SEO-Alien.com presented the way he likes to use Squirrly SEO, in his Best Marketing Webinar series.
Also, Mike, in charge of SEO-Alien called Squirrly SEO, the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress.
For the Excellence in Customer Service that Squirrly offers to it’s users, Delivering Happiness featured an amazing piece. Delivering Happiness is the movement started out by Zappos, a billion dollar company and we’re happy they featured us. We thought this was a good squirrly review to show, in order to help people understand how much we care about our customers.
“Overall, Squirrly is an awesome plugin! Even if you are an expert in Onpage SEO, Squirrly can definitely save some valuable time for all your tasks.” – Genius Kick.com
PrimeMagz.com loved the Keyword Research feature of Squirrly SEO and wrote a nice article on how to use it to boost your rankings.
“It is kinda easy, starting a new post you may use the keyword suggestion tool on top of the “Edit Post” page you may find the section named “Squirrly Keyword Research“. Enter two words and Squirrly will analyze them for you. It would show how much  people are talking about it, the Keyword Trend and the Competition.” – PrimeMagz.com
Sarah Arrow from Sarkemedia wrote about how Squirrly was becoming really good and how it may give Scribe Content a run for their money 🙂
“Florin Muresan, the plugin creator knew that I’d been testing the plugin and he was on hand to answer any questions I had as I went along. Also on your account at Squirrly there is a prominent feedback tab where you can submit any queries. My queries were answered swiftly and courteously :)” – Sarah Arrow
Vladimir Prelovac, the Founder and CEO of ManageWP.com has us as #1 in his TOP of Rising Plugins. We’re grateful to him for this 🙂
Jason Fox, a known blogger and social media expert, loved playing with Squirrly’s Inspiration Box feature and wrote a great piece on how he used it and what it brought him.
Robert P. Connor included us in his list of SEO Tips to Optimize a blog. He loves the results he gets with Squirrly and also the Keyword Research module that we have.
“The keyword research earlier will come in handy now. Putting you keyword or words in the title,tags,categories,navigational links & content is a must. This is what the search engines love, so they can bring the best quality content to their users. And in return you get highly targeted traffic, looking for what you have to offer! I am using Squirrly Seo Plugin and love the results!”
MakeMoneyInLife.com presented why it’s important to start optimizing your posts with Squirrly and we’re happy they did 🙂
Kim Beasley wrote about how to get Excellent SEO and she is one of our most active users at Squirrly + an experienced marketer and social media expert.
Robert Walker from Yieldkit also reviewed Squirrly in a very fun way, that made the whole article easy to read. He also mentioned the things that make us different.
“Squirrly seems to be packed with features that exceed the stereotypical plugin.”
Alex from AtContent wrote a nice review of Squirrly focusing on the game mechanics that we’ve built into it.

We thank all these amazing people for their reviews and we’re happy that Squirrly provided them with a great experience 🙂

A Squirrly Review Update is soon to be available! 100+ internet marketers reviewed it so far.


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