Your Ticket for a 14-Days Journey to Better Rankings

When you install Squirrly SEO on your WordPress site, you get all the SEO requirements your sites need to be successful and become ultra-competitive.

You’re all set to start driving your most valuable pages to Better Rankings.

However, you’re the one behind the wheel.

To help you take all the right turns and drive your site in the right direction, we’re now offering you an exclusive chance to join a 14 Days Journey to Better Rankings.

Here’s the deal: 14 days rank one of your most important pages on Google. 

It will cost you absolutely nothing.

This is a completely free opportunity to rank one of your high-value pages using the Focus Pages system. 100% Sponsored by us. We’ll cover all the costs (to third parties) involved with APIs, technology, cloud computing, and so on.

All you need to do is show up.

Destination: Better Google Rankings for one of Your Pages (you choose which one)

What to pack:

All you need is your WordPress website, your enthusiasm, and a willingness to commit to the 14-Days Journey to better rankings. 14 days rank one of your pages (or blog posts) among the first positions in Search Engine Results Pages. 

You choose which one. 

We’ll provide all the rest:

  • The equipment. All the SEO tools you need (via Squirrly SEO)

  • The exact work plan to follow to achieve better rankings for one of your pages.

  • The technology (the full power behind Squirrly SEO)

  • The “travel” Guides: Assisted Keyword Research, Assisted Content Optimization, Live Bulk SEO Settings Assistant, Assisted Blogging, Assisted Setup, and more

Get Defined Steps to Reach Better Google Rankings

The 14 recipes you’ll receive as part of your journey include exact steps you need to take to bring one of your pages up in Rankings.

You’ll know exactly what to focus on – and when.

Follow the daily recipes, and you’ll end up tweaking over 113 ranking factors that Google takes into account when deciding if to show a page – and on which position.

Without this support, it would have probably taken you months to figure these things on your own.

And without the power Squirrly SEO provides, you’d have to do many of the tasks inside these recipes manually, which is extremely time-consuming.

Fix Mistakes from Years of Ineffective SEO

By using Focus Page from Squirrly and following the recipes, you’ll identify critical SEO technical issues and aspects that you’ve been overlooking so far.

You’ll start to spot weaknesses in your strategy as well, and learn to re-think your steps and pivot when necessary.

And that’s how you move forward. 14 days rank one of your most important pages on Google. Are you ready?

Gain Exclusive Access to #JourneyTeam on Facebook

  • Become a part of a private community and hang out with other site owners in different niches.

  • Get tips and encouragement from others who have completed the journey.

  • Share insights, ask questions, and receive proven advice.  

  • Get private feedback and answers from Squirrly experts.  

Your Journey Itinerary Features Essential SEO Hotspots

Follow the 14 recipes to conquer new territory and grow your knowledge.  

Week 1

  • Choosing the right focus page to work on during the 14-days Journey

  • Exploring the Focus Pages section in Squirrly SEO

  • Finding the best keywords

  • Using keywords as part of a strategy

  • Learning to request Google to index a page using Search Console

  • Checking visibility for your page and scan for errors

  • Tracking your rankings

  • SERP Snippet optimization

Week 2

  • Learn to read Squrrly’s SEO Audit

  • Building authority for your Focus Page (getting backlinks)

  • Bounce Rate fix.

  • Outbound links fix.

  • SEO Images

  • Understanding SEO context

  • Inner links

  • Creating insightful, in-depth content that Google loves  

  • Sending Traffic to your Focus Page.

Gain the Experience and Knowledge You Need to Consistently Rank Your Pages

Every curve, every mountain and valley of this 14-Days journey is meant to help you build the abilities and skills you need to reach Search Engine success. That knowledge will stay with you well past these 14 days.  

You’ll walk away with proven tactics and lots of practical insight that you can use to multiply your success, rank your most important pages on Google and supercharge traffic to your site.

14 Days Rank One of Your Pages
We’ll Even Reward Your Success

At the end of the 14-Days Journey, you can share your feedback with us for a chance to get Squirrly SEO PRO for FREE – for 3 full Months. That’s how much your story matters to us.  

*you’ll get more details about this later on.

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