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RankJumps by Squirrly

SEO services 

Regular price: $1,200 / mo

Jump over your competition. Land on the 1st page of Google.

“I like the Squirrly SEO team. I like their clear communication with customers and their ability to take feedback, both positive and negative openly.”

Mousam Choudhury (verified buyer)


RankJumps by Squirrly

Skip the trouble of doing SEO (because our Experts do it for you). Jump straight to getting customers.

Ready to ditch the stress of doing SEO on your own? 

Let Squirrly’s experts take the reins and soar to success with RankJumps’ fully managed SEO services.

Optimizing for search engines can feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded, especially if it’s not in your wheelhouse.

But with RankJumps, you can leave the heavy lifting to the experts and reap the benefits of AI-driven SEO strategies.

It’s time to say goodbye to the stress of DIY SEO and hello to personalized, data-driven strategies that will rocket your website straight to the top of search engine rankings.

So go ahead, throw away that “Introduction to SEO” book and embrace the ease of expertly-managed search engine optimization.


27.8% increase in organic traffic; average page loading time reduced by 233%; page speed improved from 2.62 seconds to 1.5 seconds.. These are just some of the outcomes we've delivered to our clients.

Fully Transparent Service: Our experts follow a clear and structured process that's been optimized to land your business on the 1st Page of Google as quickly as possible. We’ll handle all website improvements and SEO for you – and keep you updated every step of the way.

Done for You SEO: At RankJumps, cutting-edge, award-winning software meets top-notch expertise to get your business ranked.

👍 Best for: business owners, agencies, bloggers, content creators, entrepreneurs

How it Works: We Have a Proven Plan to Get Your Website on the 1st Page of Google!

Your journey to SEO success starts in the first 24 Hours of you signing up for our service. 

After signing up, you’ll get an email with an onboarding form. Just fill it out to give us the info we need to get started. The process is super simple and won’t take much time.

Our team will then conduct an initial audit to assess your website’s performance and technical SEO status.




The Power Core


Deep Dive Analysis


Ready, Set, Go!


Refine & Scale

The Initial Technical Analysis: Week 1 to Week 4

Our first step will be a thorough technical evaluation of your website. This will involve reviewing the site’s structure, load time, backlinks, social signals, metadata, and other critical elements that Google considers important.

The outcome of this stage will include:

  • Technical SEO Report
  • Report on Issues Resolved
  • Website Speed Optimization Report
  • Report on Proposed Improvements
  • Traffic Performance Report

In-Depth Analysis for Targeted Success: Week 3 to Week 6

To effectively reach your desired audience and understand your competition, we will:

  1. Carry out a thorough keyword research
  2. Determine your target audience through research
  3. Examine the top 3 competitors in your industry


  1. 3 comprehensive buyer persona profiles
  2. A list of high-potential keywords and data
  3. Reports on the SEO analysis of your top 3 competitors

Ready to Launch! Week 4 to Week 8

Using all the data collected, we’ll craft optimized Focus Pages, complete with proper social signals and any required updates to help boost it to the top of Google’s first page.


  • Focus Page
  • Performance Reports

Refining & Expanding: Week 4 to Week 12

In this phase, we will continue to analyze data and concentrate on ranking more keywords for your website. If necessary, we will make adjustments to maintain your pages’ top positions on Google.

You will receive:

  • List of suggestions for new topics
  • New Keyword ideas
  • Keyword research data for each new keyword

What’s Next? Keep Your Rankings Soaring with Our Help

Let’s keep the momentum going!

Once we get your first set of Focus Pages to the top, we’ll continue to multiply your success.

We’ll increase your keyword rankings, boost your organic traffic, and attract more potential customers to your site.

It’s time to join forces with the company behind the Ranking Vision AI and the Squirrly SEO product (most awarded SEO tool 2x years in a row).

Our team of experts will help you overcome any obstacles standing in the way of your site’s full ranking potential.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Take control of your online success! Start your journey to the top spot on Google’s 1st Page today.

RankJumps by Squirrly



Regular price:

$1,200 / mo

What’s Included:

One WordPress Site

$1,200 USD / month

Work on one WordPress site

Detailed report describing your site’s current status and weaknesses

Fixed issues and added improvements reports

Full website speed optimization

Traffic Health report

Technical SEO configuration

Detailed user persona profiles


Competitor analysis reports


Keyword research & selection

Perfectly calibrated landing pages (or blog posts, depending on what you need)

Performance reports for each individual Focus Page


+ Any other necessary improvements needed to build the Power Core for your site


On-page optimization

SEO links configuration

Inner Links

SEO settings configuration

Image optimization

On-page SEO METAs

Website Icon (Favicon)

Schema implementation (JSON-LD)

Open Graph implementation

Twitter Card implementation

Analyses of 113 ranking factors for every Focus Page

Improve usability

Topic Suggestions

Professional copy

High-quality, long form content

Automatic and Manual SEO Configuration for different post types

Performance reports for each Focus Page we create for you

Duplicate content analysis

Keyword research & selection

Robots.txt optimization

XML sitemap creation

Competitor backlinks analysis

Google Analytics traffic analysis

Rankings monitoring and analysis

Ongoing traffic and keyword ranking reporting

Competitor Keywords reporting

Custom visibility rules (when needed)

Traffic by source analysis

Progressive optimization to get more keywords ranked for your site

Social Signals

User experience reporting (bounce rate, etc.)

3 Competitor SEO Analysis Reports


Technical SEO Report

Fixed Issues and Added Improvements Report

Website Speed Optimization Report

Technical SEO Configuration Report

Suggested Improvements Report (Design and Functionality)

Traffic Health and UX Specifics Report

3 Buyer Persona Profiles

Squirrly SEO Plugin access
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Our Company, Squirrly Limited, registered in the UK, 08198658 works with FastSpring and Paddle for payments.

FastSpring has been our trusted e-payments partner since 2013. Paddle has been our trusted e-payments partner since 2023. We’ve sold over 18,900 subscriptions (monthly and yearly) for all software products created by Squirrly Limited, through them.

Whenever you buy a subscription for Squirrly, it forces us to do our job better, because we want you to be a happy customer. You’re in control.

Go ahead.. Ask your question in the live chat section. Someone from the Squirrly team (a real, live, knowledgeable human, we promise) will answer faster than it takes to say  Worcestershire sauce.*

* during business hours

Why us?

At RankJumps, we’re dedicated to helping businesses achieve a high ranking on search engines like Google.

To get the job done, we offer a unique combination of: 
  • advanced software (we know how to get the most out of the innovative Squirrly SEO tool, which uses machine learning to analyze data and provide insights to improve a website’s ranking).
  • expert industry knowledge (with our “Done for You SEO” service, you can rest assured knowing that an entire team of experts is working to ensure your success)

At RankJumps, we keep our promise to provide complete transparency by giving you access to detailed reports and keeping you informed every step of the way.

So, if you’re looking to improve your online presence and boost your search engine ranking, RankJumps is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Get started today and see the difference for yourself!
YingKing Chung
YingKing Chung
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Squirrly is a solid company and their projects are top quality.
Huzaifa Farrukh
Huzaifa Farrukh
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I love the team behind and their product: the clear vision and great implementation.
Read More
I am a fan of this company as their products always deliver and if you have any issues, they are quick to respond.
Read More
Squirrly is a veteran in the SEO world.
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I can honestly recommend Squirrly. Those guys have a great knowledge on SEO, and they give great value for their customers.
Dan Stanley
Dan Stanley
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The people behind this product, know what they are talking about for sure.

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