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Squirrly SPY


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$50 USD / report

Get instant access to critical data you need to outrank your competitors.

“Squirrly SPY will help you take the next steps and make your data your secret weapon to checkmate your web competitors.”

Andy Thompson


Squirrly SPY

Squirrly SPY makes it easy to uncover your competitors’ secret formula for SEO success – as well as what YOU can do to beat them at their own game. 

Competitor analysis can be hard. Like trying to make macarons from scratch when you’ve never cracked an egg in your life kind-of-hard. (“Macarons are mostly air and angel tears, right?”)

So, what do you do when you need a fast and simple way to figure out how your competitors are getting organic traffic, visibility, and brand awareness? 

You use Squirrly SPY. 

Squirrly SPY was designed to give you just the information you need in a single report, along with helpful hints and suggestions on how to make the most out of the data. 

You’ll know what tactics and strategies your competitors use to rank high on Google – without having to invest in a bunch of different tools or waste precious time digging up data. 

You simply choose the competitor you want to analyze. Squirrly SPY takes care of the rest. 

From the keywords they use to the backlinks they get, you'll see every detail that makes your competitors successful with SEO. In one report.

Get precious insights that'll help you learn from your competitors' success and avoid their costly mistakes.

Use clear data to come up with new strategies to outrank your competition and become competitive in any field you choose.

👍 Best for: Small business owners, web developers, SEO specialists, entrepreneurs

Keyword Rover 

Squirrly Spy allows you to see your competitors’ top organic keywords to help you understand where their traffic is coming from.

Use this insight to identify hot topics their pages are ranking for and yours aren’t.

Discover topics in your niche that are already popular and approach them from a slightly different angle to steal your competitor’s traffic.

The Importance of Competitor Keyword Research

Content Analysis

Squirrly SPY makes it super easy to dig deep into your competitor’s content and see what they focus on right now. 

With this data at your fingertips, you can quickly find your competitors’ top performing content and learn what sort of products or messaging works best for a competitor brand.

Get INSTANT blog posts ideas that have already been tested and proven – and start killing it in terms of industry content.

Backlink Profile Generator

Want a quick way to monitor the backlinks of your competitors’ sites? Squirrly SPY has also got you covered on this front.

Research what kind of competitor-generated content gets the most backlinks. Learn from their success and create content of the same type to get more backlinks. 

Another way to use this data is to study the referring domains to identify new link building opportunities.

URL Structure 

Squirrly SPY will also show you a list with your competitor’s URLs, basically exposing the structural DNA of your competitor’s site. 

Study how they organize their content to set up their sites for SEO success. 

Instant website architecture, anyone? 

Spying on your SEO competition shouldn’t feel like you’re trying to storm Area 51 (“Made it past the giant laser beam, now I just need to figure out a quick way to make myself invisible.” 😔)  

With Squirrly SPY, you can easily uncover the secret formula that your most successful competitors use to rank at the top of Google’s Search Results. 

Ready to make data your secret weapon and gain powerful new insights to fire up your SEO strategy?   

Don’t wait! Get your first Squirrly SPY report today!

Squirrly SPY



$50 / report


$ 50 USD one time payment.

Competitor Report


Up to tens of thousands of pages checked

URL Structure Analysis

Page Title Analysis

Keywords The Page is Optimized for

Backlink Sources

On-Page SEO Analysis score

Page Loading Time

Meta Description

Page Authority

Total Share Numbers

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The Importance of Competitor Keyword Research

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