Squirrly SPY: The One Tool Your Competitors Hope You’ll Never Use

Discover the secret ingredients in your competitor’s recipe for SEO success. Understand how your top competitors think. Use that insight to beat them.

All the Data You Need to Outmatch Your Competition Will Be In Your Hands

You just choose your target. Squirrly SPY takes care of the rest.

Learn their Keywords with

Keywords Rover

See your competitors’ top organic keywords to understand where their traffic is coming from.

  • Identify hot topics their pages are ranking for and yours aren’t.

    • Discover topics in your niche that are already popular and approach them from a slightly different angle to steal your competitor’s traffic.
  • Reverse engineer your competitor’s SEO Strategy. Study their keywords from a marketing perspective to get a sense of their marketing funnels.  

Analyze their Content with

Content Analysis

Dig deep into your competitor’s content and see what they focus on.

  • Find your competitors’ top performing content and learn what sort of products or messaging works best for a brand you are competing with.
  • Get new blog posts ideas that have already been tested and proven.
  • Start killing in terms of industry content.

Find their Backlinks with

Backlink Profile Generator

 Easily monitor backlinks of your competitors’ sites.

  • Research what kind of competitor-generated content gets the most backlinks. Learn from their success and create content of the same type to get more natural backlinks.
  • Study the referring domains to identify new link building opportunities. 

Learn about their URLs with

URL Structure

Get a list with your competitor’s URLs and discover the structural DNA of your competitor’s site.

  • Get Instant Website Architecture.
  • Study how they organize content to set up their sites for SEO success.
  • See if they use keywords in their URLs.

Not just for Competitive Intelligence! Use Squirrly SPY to Get a Detailed X-Ray of Your Site

Squirrly SPY does all the heavy lifting to provide critical information about your site.

You can easily search across all your content at once to see what works in your current strategy and where you can improve.

Find predictive insights hidden in your data. Discover new avenues for growth. Take your next steps with the kind of confidence that only data can give you.

Make Data Your Secret Weapon and Check Mate Your Web Competitors



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