Let us help you improve the visibility of your Shopify store with the products we offer:

With this Shopify app from Squirrly SEO you’ll manage to get your products in front of the right customers. It will guide you step-by-step towards getting shoppers who really want to buy the products you offer.

Shopify app for Squirrly SEO  www.squirrly.co/ shopify/seo/

Pricing for our Shopify SEO App: www.squirrly.co/ shopify/pricing/

Content Writing Services to help you Create Product Pages and Collection Pages  www.squirrly.co/ shopify/services/

Squirrly’s Agency has been around since 2014. We’ve helped many store owners create better descriptions and titles for their Product Pages and Collection Pages.

We can also help you start a blog. Our services provide you with all the content you need to build trust and turn those visitors from window-shoppers to actual shoppers.

Here you’ll be able to sign up for free to one of the many training programs we have created for:

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Writing Better Content
  • Doing Social Media Giveaways

Strategy Assistant APP (currently in Pre-Launch) see it here: www.producthunt.com/ upcoming/strategy-assistant-by-squirrly

The new assistant that we’re working on will help you come up with a winning marketing strategy for your online store.



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