Every Love story

has a Beginning

Lost in the depths of Google’s SERP Tower dungeon, lies your beautiful Shopify store.

Hidden from the world by its competitive step-sisters.

You see, they want enchanting princes, handsome warriors, and eccentric merchants to stay away from your Shopify store. And look just at them.

Don’t Fret!


It’s called SEO.

And he’s waiting for your Shopify store’s charming wink.

A kiss. A touch. A hug.

He will take your store in his strong but gentle arms to the top of the SERP Tower.

But the journey he will have to face is full of perils. The stairs are long and it takes time and dedication to climb them.

On top of that, they are riddled with broken link dragons, corrupted meta hags, and even bad robots.


Forged by SEO experts and top programming blacksmiths. Based on the keyword research techniques used by scholars, Squirrly SEO, the enchanted sword was born.

It helped countless SEO knights to cut their way to the top of the SERP Tower.

And it can help your knight too. Forging a romance to last a lifetime.

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Your traveling compass. Each step you take on the trail of your written content, SEO Live Assistant is there to guide you.

It provides you with real-time assistance in creating perfectly optimized articles that will get you to the top!


Evaluate every fight with the help of this powerful tool.

Find your website’s weaknesses and strong points, and push forward every week!

Keyword Research

This enchanted gem lets you find out the hidden keyword stairwells to the top.

Why fight your way in a crowded corridor, packed with risks, when you can take the short way to the top?

And Because we are Suckers for Epic romances

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And create your own SEO Love Tale

“I use Squirrly every time I create a new post.”

– Neil Patel, Co-Founder of KissMetrics.

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